Wednesday, December 03, 2008

SBF 3 Year Anniversary

It is hard to believe but tomorrow marks the 3 year anniversary of Silver and Black Forever. Coincidentally enough, my first post was the day before the Raiders were scheduled to play the Chargers. Tomorrow, the Raiders square off with the Chargers.

In spite of the 3 years of losing seasons and heartache, blogging at SBF has been a wonderful outlet for expressing my passion for the Raiders. The blogging platform has given me an opportunity to "meet" many spirited and opinionated fans. There have been a few times over the past 171 posts where I seriously considered pulling the plug on SBF for various reasons. The constant losing and turmoil in Alameda has taken a toll on me. Writer's block and posting after a blowout loss has given me pause. Finding the time and motivation to post regularly has impeded me.

However throughout the ups and downs of blogging at SBF, there have been 2 undeniable reasons that keeps me pecking away at the keyboard. The first is the magnetic force the Silver and Black has on me ... I have no desire to pull away from my avid interest in following the Raiders. The second reason is that about a year ago I took the creative liberty of deciding to pick and choose when I write, what I write about, and treat SBF as nothing more than a personal diary about my unfiltered views on the Raiders.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey man i love reading what you post after every Raiders game. I always check your page after every game and compare my thoughts on the silver and black. I found your site looking for fellow raider fans who had a view on what we are all about good or bad every week in the nfl and more then that what we are as a team!! Me and my dad agree with everything you have posted this year and you are a very intelligent person, with all your views on the Raiders. I am from southern cali and my family has always followed the Raiders, especially my Dad. He always used to tell me how when he was a kid he loved watching the Raiders because it was always exciting football. He even told me that he tryed to watch charger football but it was hard to always watch them CHOKE!!! LOL he also said
" hey well, at least they are consistent, they always CHOKE and they have choked for 60 years". We are now going on the 61st aniversary of the San Diego CHokers playing tyipical chargers football. It is so great and the curse will follow them forever because they fired AL Davis when they were here in LA-then sandiego and it has never left them. THE SAN DIEGO.....SUPER CHOKERS!@@@@@. This is how we feel about them and their fans. Their fareweather cheap punks of football fans. So we choose to support the silver and black. I only found your site this year and it is put together very well and i hope you keep it going as long as you can. Your oppinions are my fellow Raider nation guide to brainstorming the events of the Raiders. I just wanted to say you rock. And as a southern cali local i appreicate your pride. We are on our way back on top. We will get there and the chargers will choke. Keep up the good word !!!! I will hopefully watch the game tomorrow while eating massive chili in a baby blue cahrgers diaper, with my half pink/ baby blue phillip quivers jersey on. Keep repin'
B-dizzle from the bottom of the map

8:28 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Happy Anniversary! Like the above poster, you and I agree on a lot of things about the Raiders. I wish we could combine our efforts to buy the team and right the ship.
I am a Raider fan in good or bad situations, and it is refreshing to vent with fellow Raider Fans when things are bad; and celebrate when we are on top of the world.
Thank you, and the Black Flag Network, for the outlet; and may we have many more years of Celebrating together in the near future.

7:45 AM  
Anonymous Tooz 72 said...


Your blog is by far the best in the Raidersphere. I hear you on the grind of reporting on games during what after last night is now the official worst losing streak in modern NFL history (6 seasons of double digit losses). Dude! It's hard enough as a fan, but must be worse as a chronicler.

But you do a sensational job. And the personal reflection aspect you've injected is great. I say we're not all supposed to agree on everything. We're not clones! I like it when you put a position out there that I don't quite agree with (although it's hard to argue this year on anything you've said) because it give me a change to think about stuff from another angle.

I grew up watching this team in the 60's, 70's and 80's. I even roomed with the coach's son at the mighty citadel of UCSB. Silver and Black is in my blood. The fact that the team is now officially the worst ever in modern NFL history is a very bitter pill to swallow. But it doesn't change my enthusiasm for the team, nor does it turn me into a 49er-fair-weather-type fan. It's Raiders do or die. And your blog is a big part of that.

Keep up the good work!

10:38 AM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Thanks for the kind words, fellas.

I really enjoy gaining new insights from fellow Raider fans.

Although things look rather bleak right now ... hope springs eternal.

From Shawshack Redemption:

Andy Dufresne: Forget that... there are places in this world that aren't made out of stone. That there's something inside... that they can't get to, that they can't touch. That's yours.

Red: What're you talking about?

Andy Dufresne: Hope.

7:17 PM  
Blogger kigleigh said...

This is a little late CJ,but,here's to many more seasons of your observations mate.
It can be very cathartic to let it all out can't it?
A break from the doom & gloom was evidently just what was needed and i look forward to many more well written blog pieces in the future.
Like yourself CJ,i'm not going anywhere.As they say mate,Win lose or tie....

10:09 AM  
Blogger x said...

Happy Anniversary, CJ!

My blog's been going, on and off, since 2001 and I feel the same way you do about the Silver and Black.

Blogging about them is both a celebration and, unfortunately almost exclusively the last several years, a way to vent about my frustrations with the team.

I really can't believe the organization has been allowed to become the pathetic, dysfunctional mess that it is....but I'll always be a fan.

I really enjoy reading your thoughts. Please don't ever pull the plug on SBF.

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love the shawshank redemption comparison!!!
another one for THE GOOD GUYS!!

3:47 PM  

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