Sunday, December 04, 2005

Come On Over to the Dark Side

The Silver & Black face a daunting task tonight in Sandy Eggo. These are the odds that are stacked against the Raiders;

The Raiders are on the road against a HEAVILY favored team (+11.5 point favorites).

The Chargers have won four straight games including last weeks comeback OT victory.

The Raiders are coming off of a dismal performance last week vs. the Fins.

The Chargers are playing for one of the remaining playoff berths.

The Raiders are eliminated from playoff contention and are playing only for pride.

The media has been circling like vultures around the heads of Norv Turner & Kerry Collins.

The Chargers have won their last 4 straight contests vs. the Raiders.

So why do I believe in my heart that the Raiders will shock the Bolts? These are the reasons to come on over to the dark side;

Sandy Eggo is a home away from home for the Raiders. Over 50% of the crowd tonight will be sporting the Silver & Black colors.

Randy Moss is very close to 100% healthy & loves the national TV spotlight.

The Raiders should play with a “nothing to lose” attitude.

The beauty of playing the playoff spoiler against a divisional rival

But last but not least, I will always believe that the Raiders have a chance to win any game, anytime, anywhere. I am always hopeful that the next play, the next quarter, the next half, the next game, the next season will be better. The Silver & Black glass is always half full for me.

Let the Force Be With You,

Calico Jack


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