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Mike Silver is a Dope

Mike Silver is a dope.” That comment says it all. But before we get to this hilarious and remarkably insightful comment by Joe Everyday fan, here is some background information to digest.

Mike Silver is a senior staff writer for Sports Illustrated. His area of “expertise” is professional football. My views on his shoddy journalism are well documented. Silver recently ranked the NFL owners in his “Open Mike” column. Al Davis was ranked 25th out of the 32 currently active owners. A couple quick points worth considering:

- What is the criteria that Mikey Silver is using to rank the owners? Should an owner like Dan Synder be ranked at #3? Besides being a good business man, what has Daniel Snyder done for the Washington Redskins? What has he contributed to the league? I’m puzzled by Silver’s evaluation. Silver seems to use the "Who has the nicest, newest stadium?" criteria as a major part of his evaluation of owners.

- Shouldn't the ranking be mostly based on a franchise's overall winning percentage, how many Super Bowl appearances, how many Super Bowl wins, the owner's total contribution to his franchise, the owner's total contribution to the league?

- On all the above counts, Al Davis would be in the top 5. Throw in the Hall of Fame induction, being a pioneer in hiring minorities and a woman to high level positions of leadership, top 3 in merchandising sales each and every year, and being a key broker in the recent Collective Bargaining Agreement for good measure.

- Finally, here is a point that puts the proper perspective on Silver's ridiculous order of rankings. The owners ranked 3-9 (Snyder, Huizenga, Lurie, Richardson, McNair, Glazer , Bowlen) have won a combined 3 Super Bowls. Al Davis alone, ranked #25, has won 3 Super Bowls.

- For an interesting viewpoint on Michael Silver’s column, go to RaiderTake’s post on June 30 “News You Can’t Use. Sports Illustrated”

(Mailbag of comments responding to Silver’s rankings):
Silver received this amusing comment from one of his readers:
Quote of the Week:
"Mike, I have a problem with Al Davis ranked 25th and a fat-ass owner like Kraft #1. You see, if you polled the players past and present now that would tell a different story. I guess if you base it on wins lately that might be correct. The owner who has done more for the players, pays the players and understands the players and the game is Al Davis. Bob Kraft showed up with a boatload of money and that doesn't impress me much. I think you're a Raider Hater, and if you are just come out and say it, don't hide in the closet, let me know. Comparing Bob Kraft and Al Davis, that's like comparing the Bay City Rollers to Elvis. Its official your a dope."
-- Marty Monto, Boston
Marty: You get the full forearm shiver seal of approval for your hilarious comment. Load the cannons and bombs away!


Blogger Raider Take said...

"I think you're a Raider Hater, and if you are just come out and say it, don't hide in the closet, let me know."

Brilliant! Marty from Boston drives the nail in Silver's intellectual coffin with one swing.

CJ, you are so right about the lazy lack of a stated criteria in this guy's "ranking." He got the first syllable right: rank, as in the adjective that would aptly describe his journalism of late.

10:06 PM  
Blogger Stick'em said...

Al Davis is Elvis. Ever notice we never see the two in the same room at the same time?

And Bob Kraft? That bozo gave away his SB ring to the Russian guy because he valued it so much.

Think you'd get one of Al Davis' SB rings off his finger without getting your kneecaps broken by the godfather?

It's obvious (Kraft vs. Davis) which one loves and knows the game more. I don't have to say it, 'cause the obviousness of the answer speaks for itself.

Dan Snyder probably got ranked so high because the Foreskins are the highest grossing team in the NFL.

But the truth is Washington had a years-long waiting list for season ticket holders long before Snyder ever got there.

All Danny Boy ever did is charge said fans $10 to see the Foreskins PRACTICE, and blow their money on a$$clown FA signings like Meion Sanders.

Snyder is a spoiled brat business man who thinks he can buy his way to the SB. How's that working out, Silver?

Al Davis is a football man, first and foremost, who knows how to manage the salary cap. Every year we hear, "The Raiders are a gazillion over the cap and will have to cut EVERYONE to make the roster fit under it."

And every year, the Raiders manage the cap with no sweat.

The conclusion Silver is an idiot is proven by his own words in every thing he writes.

He nails himself in the idiot closet. We don't even have to say it.

But it is fun to beat him like a rented piñata, no?

4:51 AM  
Anonymous Tim Mo said...

Ugh, another Raider with poor grammar. Yikes, Marty.

8:37 AM  
Anonymous David Gaines said...

it seems to me that most people hate on dan snyder because he does the things that everyone wishes their favorite team's owner would do. sure dan has made some decisions that backfired, but it's his intentions that make him a great owner.

the signing of deion was pretty dumb, but warren sapp? kerry collins? and now aaron brooks? art shell is back, too?

don't hate because we're going back to the playoffs and you guys are still competing for the highest draft pick in next year's draft.

2:08 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

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2:36 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

David Gaines: Thanks for your feedback. I'm not hating on Dan Snyder or the Redskins. Let's review the facts, shall we?

Since Snyder took over in 1997, the Redskins have 1 their division 1 time (1999) & been to the playoffs twice (1999, 2005). The Redskins have not advance to the NFC Chamnpionship game or Super Bowl.

Let's compare apples to apples: Since 1997, the Raiders have won 3 division titles (2000,2001,2002) & been to the playoffs 3 times. The Raiders have advanced to the AFC Championship game twice and the Super Bowl 1 time.

The point I was making in my post is that it is downright silly & ridiculous to have Snyder ranked #3 when the Redskins have done virtually nothing under his watch.

2:43 PM  

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