Thursday, May 25, 2006

Employee of the Month: Amy Trask

Sports Illustrated is running an article this week by writer Michael Silver (see link) that speculates about the possibility of Eddie DeBartolo (former 49er Owner) and Carmen Policy (former 49er President) buying the Raiders and moving the team to Los Angeles.

Silver writes "DeBartolo and Policy have heard the rumors that the Raiders boss Al Davis is in declining health. That, plus attendance problems in Oakland, are why they have Silver and Black on the brain."
"Carmen and I have discussed different things, and that's one of the teams that intrigues us." DeBartolo told SI. This ridiculous rumor was put 6 feet under by Raiders CEO Amy Trask.
"This is not a story about the Oakland Raiders being sold. This is not a story about the team relocating" Trask said. "This is a story about two gentlemen, Eddie DeBartolo and Carmen Policy, who clearly are drinking too much of Carmen's recently bottled wine. The only look those two are going to get at this team is if they want to watch it on television."
Silver's personal relationship with DeBartolo clearly has affected his journalistic credibility. Let's take a look at the facts:

1. DeBartolo has no shot of re-entering the NFL as an owner. Zero. The guy is a convicted felon for bribing the Louisiana Govenor 8 years ago to get a casino license.

2. Al Davis is not selling the team. Al Davis currently owns a 70% share of the franchise. He answers to none of the minority partners. He is the only managing general partner of the organization since buying out the shares of the Ed McGrah family. There are already plans for his son Mark to be his successor and the majority owner once Al dies.
"Al Davis currently has, and will continue to have, total control of the Raiders." Trask said.
3. Al Davis' health isn't deteriorating. Besides being 76 years old and having problems with his legs which causes him to use a walker, Davis is as healthy as ever.
As reported by Glenn Dickey "There is no evidence that his health is otherwise deteriorating, and he recently has gone back to working out in the weight room, after most Raider employees have gone home." Further, Amy Trask adds, "The rumors about his health are false. Al is as healthy and vital as ever."
4. The Raiders lease in Oakland runs through 2010. A decision on the team that will be playing in Southern California is expected by the end of this year.

Finally, anyone who thinks Al Davis will sell the Raiders franchise to an outside group clearly doesn't know what makes Al tick. When Al Davis' health does eventually deteriorate and he passes into the Autumn Wind, the Raiders organization will always be owned, operated, and controlled by family. When I say 'family', I mean 'Raider family' meaning his son being the majority owner, Trask continuing to be CEO, and Mike Lombardi running football operations. Pigs will fly before you see DeBartolo/Policy get their filthy mitts on the Raiders organization.

Think about it. Does Silver (and DeBartolo/Policy for that matter) honestly believe that Davis has shed his Silver and Black blood, sweat, and tears the last 43 years to suddenly cash out his chips for a healthy profit?

Unlike other NFL owners who are businessmen first, Davis is and always will be primarily a football man. His sole motivations are to win more Lombardi Trophies and keep the Raiders organization as his unique vision NOT to become a corporate entity.

For another interesting viewpoint on the shoddy journalism of Michael Silver, go to Raider Take's Blog "Vultures Shot Down Over Oakland".


Anonymous Raider Greg said...

Well done Calico............Well done!

The thought of The "Wise Guy" team of pasta bro's taking the Raiders to LA has been yet another poor shot at the Raiders and the Raider Nation. These amatures know nothing of the "crappy" rumors the Raider fan have been subject to for years. Nice try..........But no Silver and Black cigar!

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to Councilman Bernard Parks, head of the Coliseum Commission, the NFL will not announce a new team in LA until the stadium is completed. The owners learned their lesson when the Houston Oilers became a lame duck franchise for two years while a stadium was being built in Tennesse. Parks said the front-runners are small market teams without a new stadium, who are coming off lease in 2009-2011. The Raiders fit the criteria but given Al's relationship with the Commish, don't bet your dough on a move South.

12:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Precisely because Al Davis IS a football man and not a businessman is the main reason the Raiders are now NFL bottom-feeders, in just about every category you can think of. I've been a Raider fan for 40 years, and this is the lowest they have ever been. If Davis got all the credit in the '70s and '80s when the Raiders were among the top 5 teams in the NFL, he deserves all the blame for their free-fall. The old guy simply has lost his abilities, will not give up the reins or share decision-making and will not learn from past mistakes. Want proof? Nobody but one of his former player/crones now wants to work as a head coach for this arch micro-manager. I feel sorry for the old guy, because he is sullying his Hall of Fame status running this seriously dysfunctional organization.

2:53 PM  
Blogger Russell said...

There has to be a hostile take-over, Al will refuse to step down, some type of coup. I also have been a huge Raider fan for 35 years and i cannot sit here a watch this foolishness any more. But I refuse to jump ship, thats why I want action NOW.....

9:35 AM  
Anonymous Larry said...

I havta concurr w/Russell, after 35 yrs as a Raider Fan, it's gettin' very hard to stomach.

1:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know if Amy reads these comments or not, PLEASE someone in the Raiders Heirarchy' make a move to turn this Org around. It's getting tougher each season to watch the, 'auger-in'. I don't think I've ever been so dis-enfranchised,

6:20 PM  
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