Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"Special" Teams Lays An Egg

Chargers 22 - Raiders 14

The Raiders special team's catastrophic errors tipped the balance, momentum, and game context on it's proverbial head. A tightly contested game concluded the 1st half with the Chargers in the lead at 10-6. When Raiders regular long snapper Jon Condo got his bell rung and wasn't able to answer the call in the 2nd half, 3 blown punts led to 9 cheap points.

MAJOR kudos to the D in preventing the Chargers getting into the end zone on 5 occasions working from a short field and little rest.

The question that I have that has been BUGGING me all last night and today:

Why isn't Parson or Wiz the backup long snapper?

Think about it ... both these guys are PROFESSIONAL centers who are experienced at snapping to include shotgun snaps, experienced at line calls, experienced at blocking, etc.

Tell me this: Do you honestly think a backup LB is more suited or qualified to take on this duty?

This is so painfully obvious that it make me violently ill.


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