Saturday, September 08, 2012

Our 2012 Raiders - A New Era

The new era in Raider football is upon us. With the passing of Al Davis last year and a wide range of organizational changes, this year has a different vibe. From the perspective of a fan, I've noticed how the Raiders have become more accessible and media friendly. It has been a breath of fresh air to have an entire offseason without any hint of drama, soap-opera episodes, or controversy. The focus has been where it should always be -- on football.

Front and center in leading this team into the new era are Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen.

McKenzie has seamlessly transitioned the Raiders into the new era while spearheading a drastic overhaul of personnel. With his hands tied due to serious cap restraints and limited draft picks, McKenzie has done a remarkable job in assembling the final 53 man roster.

Allen in a few short months has demonstrated that intangible "it" leadership quality where the players respect and buy-in to his vision of a smarter, tougher, more disciplined and accountable football team. With a new offensive and defensive system installed and many new starters on the field, it will be interesting to see how quickly and effectively the Raiders get up to speed in executing the game plans.

One of the more exciting elements to the new era is the brand new, modernized, aggressive and dynamic defense. The vanilla, predictable D has been tossed on it's head for mixed coverage and blitz schemes and multiple fronts.

For the 1st time ...

- The Raiders have a new GM
- Hired a Head Coach with a defensive background since Madden
- Won't rely on man to man as it's base coverage
- Head Coach has complete authority of what happens on the field and with his staff
- Head Coach, who signed a 4 year contract, isn't look over his shoulder

I'm jacked up to open up the new era, new season at home on Monday Night Football vs. our rivals San Diego.

I'm feeling minty fresh about the possibility of the McKenzie/Allen partnership leading the Raiders to a successful, sustainable new chapter in Raiders football.


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