Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Welcome Aboard Dennis Allen

The Raiders organization made the second bold step today in the new era with the hiring of Dennis Allen as the Head Coach. The last time the Raiders hired a defensive minded head coach was John Madden in 1969 … 43 years ago!

Dennis Allen’s Career Path:
1996-1999 - Texas A&M University (Graduate Assistant Coach)
2000-2001 - Tulsa University (Secondary Coach)
2002-2005 - Atlanta Falcons (Defensive Asst./Quality Control Coach)
2006-2007 - New Orleans Saints (Asst. Defensive Line Coach)
2008-2010 - New Orleans Saints (Secondary Coach)
2011-2012 - Denver Broncos (Defensive Coordinator)
2012-Pres - Oakland Raiders (Head Coach)

A 48 year old GM and 39 year old HC ... fresh ideas for a minty fresh feeling! I'm excited to learn more about Allen and look forward to the re-constructed coaching staff being assembled in earnest.

We've got our 2 most important leaders in place ready to roll up their sleeves and get busy restoring the greatness of the Raiders. Onwards and Upwards!


Anonymous JONES said...

Jack, I think I will come aboard your site...the 'take' is just too insane. The provocateurs are not sincere, maybe some sincerity can start here?


4:31 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Welcome aboard Jones. There certainly is a lot less clutter and insincere posts to weed through.



5:54 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

Jack, how do you feel about the Knapp hiring? So many are going off that Knapp is going to run the same offensive style that he ran for a few games after Kiffin was fired. My way of thinking is, he will be guided to what the Offense will look like and it will be his job to make sure the players understand it. As well as the calling duties, he will be instructed to call a certain type of game. It's the vision of the GM..HC that the assistants will instruct. So many Raider fans think that the OC runs the show, the OC, IMO, takes the orders on how to run the show. IMO, that takes away the "Oh no, they made a mistake"...makes it more of an "Allen trusting Knapp to follow the blueprint". Most of the 'nellies' don't seem to understand how Reggie works an Org, thus their 'distrust'?


3:42 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...


I like the Knapp hire for a few key reasons.

#1 and foremost is that one can assume that Allen has a good working relationship and trust in Knapp to execute his vision.

#2 Knapp has the OC and playcalling experience plus the platform (Good QB, skill players, OLine) to be successful.

What gets me with some Raider fans are the false assumptions and extrapolations of what Knapp is going to do as our OC.

By that I mean, every team & HC that Knapp has worked under has been different.

Classic examples are "Well Knapp runs a ball control offense" or "Well Knapp wants a scrambling QB". Not true.

With the Raiders current players and Allen's vision, Knapp will work in partnership with Allen and framework of Allen's offensive vision to maximize the player's talents.

4:59 PM  
Anonymous JONES said...

I think we are going to see a hard working coaching staff that has the team very prepared each Sunday. We will have a management team that is going to leave no stone unturned in their search to improve the team. By all accounts, both the GM and HC are workaholics and that will filter to the team, ala the Gruden years. If the Raiders lose, it won't be from lack of preparation. It shouldn't be from dysfunction or rogue coaches...hopefully those days are gone.


10:04 PM  

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