Monday, December 12, 2011

Cheese Whiz

Raiders 16 - Packers 46

The Raiders desperately need to get back on track quickly if there is any chance to gain a berth to the 2011 playoffs. Squished by the Fish. Cheese Whizzed by the Pack. In back to back blowout losses, the Raiders D has given up 80 points. With McFadden, Ford, and Moore injured, the team has lacked the type of explosive players and firepower to win in a shoot out.

It might sound boring and rather cliche but it is imperative that the Raiders get back to basic, sound Football 101 to create a window of opportunity to win. The competitive imbalance in the last 2 games is a direct result of poor ball security, a lack of discipline, and a porous run defense. In the 2 games combined, the Raiders have turned the ball over 6 times, had 21 penalties, and given up 345 yards of rushing.

The slow starts in the 1st half, an accumulation of injuries, and sloppy execution has led to a team that has clearly lost it's swagger and spirit.

Up Next: Detroit Lions (8-5) visit Coliseum in a "do or die!" game for the Raiders (7-6). T0 flip the switch from bleak to belief, it will be critical for the Raiders to get off to a FAST start against the Lions to get the fans behind them, play with the lead, and boost the confidence of the team.


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