Monday, October 24, 2011

Train Wreck vs. KC

Kansas City 28 - Oakland 0

The Raiders piss poor QB play led to a humiliating, sobering shut-out loss to the Chiefs. Kyle Boller, in his second season with the Raiders, demonstrated why he is a 9th year journeyman backup by making bad reads and decisions. In his 1st series at the helm, Boller threw into double-coverage which turned into a 59 yard TD interception.

This first Raiders' offensive series set the tone for a game that became an absolute train wreck. The train wreck included 3 INTs by Boller, 3 INTs by Palmer, the Raiders having 2 key starters hurt in the 1st half (McFadden - sprained foot; McLain - leg injury), and most discouraging, a 28-0 beatdown at home at the hands of a hated divisional rival.

In Boller's 7 total offensive series under center, he had (3) INTs and (3) 3 and outs. The 1st INT was returned for a TD. The 2nd INT put KC in good field position which they capitalized on for another TD and quick 14-0 lead with 1:53 left in only the 1st quarter. Boller's last INT killed a good drive right before half.

Hue Jackson trotted out Boller for the 1st series of the 3rd quarter which was a quick 3 and out. After KC scored another TD to go up by a commanding 21-0 lead, Jackson put in newly signed Carson Palmer. On Palmer's very 1st play as a Raider, the train wreck almost became the worst possible nightmare when DE Hali came crashing down at Palmer's legs right after Palmer released the pass. The entire 2011 season flashed before my eyes.

After spending 9 months on a couch and 3 days getting ready for Sunday, Palmer clearly wasn't ready for the speed, timing, and complexity of an NFL game. On the day, Palmer was 8/21 with 3 INTs.

Gift Wrap R Us:
An odd statistic in a 28-0 loss that shows the true value of turnovers as it relates to the scoreboard; Raiders 322 net offensive yards, KC 300 net offensive yards.

Up Next:
The bye week couldn't come at a more opportune time. The extra week of practice will be critical for the Raiders to put this ugly loss behind them, get key players healthy, and allow Palmer 2 full weeks of preparation time for a home game vs. Denver on Nov. 6th. This 2 week period before another important divisional game will define the team's leadership. How the team responds is a fork in the road for the 2011 season.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess the Raiders must of blinked...

10:23 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Blinked? How bout' eyes shut and completely asleep at the wheel? This game was such a disaster and buzz kill that all the team can do is put it behind them and move on.

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lets give a good amount of blame to Hue. I think he is a great coach but he had a terrible week. He did nothing to shut out the QB distraction issue during the week and then on Sunday the play calling was terrible, just awful.

For example the call on 3 and 1 a QB sneak with Pryor, then the 4th and goal having Bush line up at QB. Insane. Hue should have known that it would be a tough game to win with crap Boller and his game plan should have been run Bush 30 friggin times and pass only when necessary and put the game in the hands of the D. Given how awful Cassel looked that might have worked. Instead Hue calls what two or three flea flickers?

I think Palmer will be much better than Campbell, so as long as McFadden is not seriously injured the team should be okay. But Hue needs to look in the mirror after this one. Loosing a division game at home hurts.


5:14 PM  

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