Sunday, October 09, 2011

Resolve and Honor

Raiders 25 - Texans 20

In this game 24 hours after the passing of Al Davis, the Raiders demonstrated the type of resolve that was a fitting tribute to their fallen leader. The core essence of Davis' mantra of "Just Win Baby" is to find a way, any possible way, to come out on top when the scoreboard hits 00:00. The statistics might show that the Texans dominated the game but the scoreboard told a different story.

Quick Hitters:

1. Raiders D:
In spite of giving up 21 1st downs, 473 yards, and being on the field for close to 35:00, the D was aggressive, opportunistic, and gritty. After the Texans initial drive, Raider defenders aggressively got after QB Schaub. Huff, Mitchell, and McClain were used in blitz packages which aided the defense in 9 QB pressures, 3 sacks, 8 QB hits, and 8 deflected passes. The defense made opportunistic plays at key junctures in the game. Seymour (2) and Kelly had critical sacks, LaMar Houston a momentum changing interception, and Huff a game closing INT.

2. SeaBass Was Huge:
4-4 on the day and accounting for 13 of the 25 points, SeaBass' early 55 and 54 yard field goals allowed the Raiders to settle into the game and keep the score close in the 1st half.

3. DHB:
Another controversial 1st round pick of Davis like SeaBass 11 years ago, DHB had 7 catches for 99 yards including one 34 yard TD reception. With back to back productive games, DHB is slowly becoming a reliable WR and solid contributor.

4. Emotional Sunday:
Watching Jackson's reaction at the end of the game and in his post victory locker room speech was emotional. His love for Davis and the Raiders came gushing out in tears, words, and gratitude.


Anonymous Raided Nate 75 said...

Can't believe it. Hue's postgame comments to the team were inspirational.
Let's hoist the trophy now for Al.

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how and where do you think Curry will fit it?

Florida Raiders

10:10 AM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Curry can play all 3 LB positions because of size and speed. He provides excellent depth for the LB corps.

I would expect Curry to be initially rotated in as a WLB. He is also an insurance policy at MLB if McClain's injury is significant (high ankle sprain) or gets injured later in the season. Lastly, with Shaunessey down, there might be an opportunity for Wimbley to play DE and for Curry to play SLB.

12:45 PM  

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