Monday, September 26, 2011

Bully In Black

Raiders 34 - Jets 24

The Raiders response in a "bounce-back" game was achieved in a bullying fashion. After squandering a 21-3 lead to the Bills last week, yesterday's contest vs. the Jets was a critical test of the team's character.

Although there were many pivotal plays throughout the game, the crucial juncture to get a true barometer of the Raiders mettle came in the 2nd quarter after falling behind 7-17.

The Raiders answered the bell and scored a touchdown. On the 4th play of the drive, Darren McFadden busted off a 70 yard TD run that electrified the sell-out home crowd and shifted the momentum of the game in the Raiders direction.

McFadden, the #1 back in the NFL, had another monster game (19 carries, 171 yards, 9.0 per carry, 2 TDs). After last season's breakout year (223 carries, 1,157 yards, 5.2 per carry), McFadden is establishing himself as an elite, MVP caliber performer.

In 3 games this season, #20 has totaled 393 rushing yards on 61 carries for a stunning 6.4 yard average. What is truly amazing about these bulging numbers is the fact that every NFL team game plans to stop him by putting 8 men in the box. On top of that, the Raiders have an OLine that is inexperienced and a work in progress.

After closing out the 2nd quarter with a nice drive to put SeaBass in field goal range (54 yards) and knot the game at 17-17, the Raiders turned the screws on the Jets by stonewalling them on their 1st 4 possessions of the 2nd half and building a 31-17 lead.

Misc. Bully Notes:

* The play of the game, in my book, was the 23 yard TD reverse run by rookie WR Denarious Moore. The reason that this play had me giddy wasn't just the spectacular speed, moves, and goal line stretch by Moore but the "de-cleater" block by center Samson Satelle. Satelle's block absolutely destroyed and lifted the Jets safety on to his back. Thank you CBS for showing the play 4 additional times.

* Ring up DE/SLB Wimbley with an eye gouging, head swiveling sack on QB Sanchez. For the day, the Raiders had consistent pressure on Sanchez which resulted in 4 sacks and 1 hurried INT in the end zone by safety Tyvon Brach.

* The Raiders run defense were sound in tackling for the majority of snap which minimized the Jets to 100 total rushing yards on 25 carries. The Raiders run offense mauled the Jets to the tune of 234 yards on 32 carries for an eye popping 7.3 yards per carry. These 2 facets of the game (Run D, rush offense) are the blue print to building a bully with the men in the trenches.

Up Next: The Patsies are stinging after allowing the Bills to storm back to win from 21 points down. New England's spread offense which incorporates 4 WR sets, will be a very stern test for the Raiders defense. However, the flip-side to this coin is how the Patsies will attempt to slow down the robust, bullying rush offense of the Raiders. The key for the Raiders in 2011 will be to establish a certain standard level of consistency from quarter to quarter, half to half, and game to game.


Blogger Danna said...

CJ...always great to come to your site after losses, but especially after wins. Solid wins at that. I'm pretty concerned about the Raiders corners in this weeks game...seeing as how til last week Brady was averaging huge passing numbers, as usual (gag). Is Chekwa going for Johnson again or will he be back from his injury. Sorry, if these are stupid questions, I learn a lot from your posts too. thanks, Danna and go Raiders!

12:19 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

"Next Man Up!"

Chewka performed admirably. Hard to say at this point in the week whether Chris Johnson will be back in the starting role.

The reality is that we will need as many healthy DBs as possible to combat the Patsies spread offense that includes 4 WR sets. We will need DVD and Huff in nickel and dime packages.

The Raiders are building a solid nucleus of young players through the draft. Rookies like Wiz (LG), Moore (WR), DVD (CB), Chewka (CB/S), T. Jones (RB/KR), Gordon (TE) and Barksdale (OT) have seen significant time on the field already. Throw in key 2nd year starters such as McClain, Ford, Houston, and Veldheer and you've got 11 players in this nucleus.

The future looks bright in OAK-Town!

5:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am not sure why everyone is so enamored with Chewka yes he made some solid tackles he also got penalized twice and gave up a touchdown catch. He looked like he has potential but lets not crown him the next Mike Haynes yet. The secondary and pass coverage by the linebackers is a truly scary proposition and a big worry.

On a positive note:

1. McFadden is a star he looks like a poor man's version of Bo. After PEterson no one in the league runs with his power and speed combo

2. Veldheer is money

3. The wr corp looks half decent


Florida Raider

5:30 AM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...


Considering that Chewka missed most of pre-season with an injury, is a rookie, and was facing a talented WR corps, I think he held up well.

Regarding our WR corps, when everyone is healthy, it is a deep, talented young group.

Ford and Moore are exceptional playmakers.

Murphy, Shillens, and Hagan are solid possession WRs.

DHB has steadily improved, provides depth, and is a hard working, good down field blocker.

IMO, this is a group that will continue to develop and will reap dividends.

7:23 PM  

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