Monday, January 03, 2011

Where Are The Condiments?

Raiders 31 - Condiments 10
Who says the game on Sunday was "meaningless"? In the epitome of a true character game, the Raiders put a SERIOUS beatdown on the Ketchup and Mustard Men of Kansas City.

Our OLine and DLine completely destroyed , dominated, humiliated, and decimated the Chefs on the day Marty Shittenheimer was inducted into the ring of "fame".

For all the Chef fans barking about making it to the playoffs, remember a few important points before you go hoarse:
(1) We swept your ass and owned the division going 6-0 while you limped to an embarassing 2-4 mark.
(2) Your team hasn't won a single playoff game since 1993 ... 17 years ago with Marcus Allen at tailback no less.
(3) Your one and only Lombardi Trophy was earned in 1969 ... 41 years ago when Tricky Dick Nixon was president of the good old US of A.
(4) Your QB was running scared for his life on Sunday after suffering 7 sacks, numerous knockdowns, completing only 11 of 33 passes, and throwing 2 picks.

With the Raiders missing arguably their best offensive (McFadden) and defensive (Seymour) players on Sunday, going on the road with nothing to play for besides pride, pride won out convincingly. And make no mistake, KC Head Coach Hayley was clearly playing to win. He desperately wanted his team to earn the #3 seed and go into the playoff round with an 8-0 home record and momentum.

Instead his team got steamrolled in every possible phase of the game. When he finally pulled QB Cassel from the the fray, the Raiders led by 21 points and he didn't want any more mental and physical harm for his QB. It was a mercy substitution and nothing more than waving the white towel.

The Ravens should be thanking the Raiders organization after they eliminate the Chefs (1 and done) from the playoffs. The blueprint is fairly simple. Stop the run, put pressure on Cassel, get the lead, and watch the Chefs collapse. The fact that we crushed the Chefs pysche and confidence going into the game is the cherry on top.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nice way to end the season. The o-line was very physical though Veldheer looked shaky in pass protection. I was really impressed by John Henderson he should be brought back next year. A rotation of Seymour, Kelly, Bryant and Henderson inside is formidable. Lastly, Huff was amazing one of his best games as a Raider.

1. How do you feel about Campbell as starter next year?
2. Should Cable be back---even if it means loosing Hugh Jackson possibly?
3. Do you think we should bring in a veteran WR or are you cool with Chaz, Murphy and Ford

Have a great off-season, thanks for your posts
Florida Raider

4:04 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

FLR - Always nice to finish the season on a positive note.

Your questions, my opinions:

1. I'm very bullish on JC as the starter next year. In a season where he started slow, got yanked a few times, he really settled down once Ski went on IR. I also like the chemistry he developed with Ford and Shillens late in the year.

2. Cable deserves to come back. If he is unable to get us over the hump in 2011 (read: playoffs) then I think we should either (a) promote Jackson (b) find an external candidate. It would be a shame if we lost Jackson to another team such as SF but I don't see it happening. If I was Davis, I would give Jackson a bump in salary and let him know that he is next in line to become HC in 2012 or later.

3. With the way Ford sparkled and Chaz returned healthy, I don't think we need a vet WR free agent. If you asked me this same question in week 8 or earlier, I would have said "Hell, yes".

Happy New Year wishes to you. CJ

5:54 PM  

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