Monday, December 13, 2010

Raiders 2nd Half Collapse

Raiders 31 - Jaguars 38

The Raiders' playoff hopes were dampened and severely dimmed considerably by a 2nd half collapse. Miscues by the Special Teams unit and back breaking big plays given up by the Defense led to JAX scoring 31 2nd half points.

This loss is particularly difficult to swallow when a few impact plays are isolated and examined. After playing a solid 1st half in all 3 phases of the game and going into the locker room up 17-7, the Raiders gave up 4 TDs in the 2nd half alone on a total of 13 plays.

The Special Teams gave the Jaguars' offense 3 possessions on short fields. The Raiders Defense gave up three 30+ yard gain TDs.

Here is a summary of the 6 pivotal plays that turned the tide against the Raiders:

1. Oakland kicks off to JAX to open the 2nd half. SeaBass kick is short (fielded at JAX 21 yard line) and JAX returns it to the JAX 43 yard line.

2. Safety Michael Huff is burned for a 48 yard TD strike to WR Jason Hill. Huff gave Hill a huge cushion off the line of scrimmage yet allowed Hill to run right by him into the end zone.

3. Facing 3rd and 2, RB Rashard Jennings goes on a 74 yard TD run. Jennings TD run should have been stopped near the sideline but the Raider defenders did a poor job containing him and using the sideline to get him out of bounds. Newly acquired DE Jarvis Moss completely whiffed on an open field tackle near the sideline by taking a bad angle. This TD run was on JAX's 3rd play of the possession.

4. On the ensuing kickoff, WR/KR Jacoby Ford fumbled the ball and JAX recovered at the Oakland 21 yard line. QB Gerrard found WR Mike Sims-Walker in the corner of the end zone for a 10 yard TD.

5. After a brilliant 36 yard TD run by RB McFadden knotted the game at 31-31, the Raiders Special Teams took all the air out of the balloon by allowing JAX to return the kick 65 yards to their own 30 yard line.

6. After the 65 yard kick return, on the 1st play from scrimmage, MJD hit a huge hole for a 30 yard TD.

It will be interesting to see how the team handles this set back. The deck is stacked against the Raiders making the playoffs although there are still enough permutations to keep a small glimmer of hope alive. A scenario where the Raiders, Chargers, and Chiefs ending the regular season at 9-7 and the Raiders winning the tie-breaker is a nice dream to ponder. Pounding the Donkeys at home on Sunday, getting back to .500, and keeping the hope alive is good starting point. If nothing else, playing meaningful games in December was step 1 in climbing the competitive ladder.


Anonymous Tooz 72 said...

A tough one, CJ. I'm fixated on that 2nd half pass TD against Huff. I read today that the Raiders intentionally went with no cornerbacks on that play. So Nnamdi, who hadn't allowed a single completion on his side of the field, was riding pine. The Raiders went with a 5 safety package (!!?) Of Branch, Mitchell, Eugene, Brown, and Huff. By my way of thinking, that is begging to be passed on. Jacksonville read the D, got a pass woody, boom -- TD. It only takes one bad play call on D to mess up a game. I was pleased on the other side of the ball for the most part -- great stats all the way around. The only exception is horrible 2 minute drill Offensive play calling. Campbell & co. looked confused the whole drive and ended in a fizzle.

On a lighter note,
1). Was that Fla Raider in the stands in the Raiders throwback jersey? The camera went to him a few times.
2). I'll be at the Donkeys game. Could be a wet one.

6:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tooz I live in Miami so I passed on the 12 hour round trip drive in order to watch from my couch in high def--I know that's somewhat lame but I religiously attend one game a year in oakland and my experience historically in seeing the raiders play on the road usually ends bitter.

As far as the game, McFadden was unbelievable, the 36 yard run to tie the game reminded me of a run Bo Jackson once made against Denver dare I say. CJ, should the carries still be split 50/50?

The 5 safety look is bizarre, Namdi is the best freaking player on the team he must always be on the field unless he's not healthy.

I was in a black mood on Sunday and Monday but then thinking along lines similar to what CJ said about meaningful games in Dec after 7 years I have got back to normal today.

Question: Do you think McClain's absence was a significant part of the D implosion in the second half?

Florida Raider

7:15 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

FLRaider -

McFadden has been the best Raider player in 2010, bar none. I should revise my ball carrying ratio to a more sensible 60%/40% split. I do think Bush getting his fair share of carries is in the best interest of the team and McFadden in terms of keeping McFadden fresh and showing the opponent a different look.

This season has been a pleasant reminder of being a fan of a team that is capable of winning on any given Sunday. We have all seen glimpses of what the team is capable of when all 3 units play well for the full 60:00. (See Donkeys, Sea Chickens, Chargers II game)

Unfortunately vs. JAX, our D and ST, and our coaching staff, let us down in the 2nd half.

In regards to the coaching staff, the playcalls with Boller under center on 3rd-3 and 4th-3 were very questionable. Having Ford run a 25 yard route on the last play of the game was dubious. It is a no brainer decision to go for a "Hail Mary" in that situation.

Nevertheless, we are still in contention for the division with 3 weeks to play.

What I'm most interested in is seeing how the team responds to the JAX setback and how we finish the season as a whole. All 3 end of season games are meaningful which is something I haven't been able to say since 2002.

We need to keep climbing the competitive ladder with a good nucleus of young guns (McFadden, Bush, Ford, Valdheer, McClain, Shaunnessey, Houston).

I'm genuinely excited about the remainder of the 2010 season and our outlook in 2011 and beyond.

As a fan, all I can ask for is tangible hope. This season has re-ignited my dream of future championships. Cheers, CJ

P.S. There is no doubt in my mind that the absence of McClain had a detrimental effect on the outcome Sunday. Ricky Brown was HORRIBLE in pass coverage responsibilities and was AWFUL in run defense.

8:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I agree on Mcclain he would have made a difference. I have another strange question for you. Do you think they let Jones-Drew score on purpose on that last drive so they could get the ball back rather than have the Jags run down the clock and kick a field goal?

Normally I would find ponder something like that kind of thing laughable but when I watch the replay of that td the hole that opened up was massive?

What do you think?
Regards Florida Raider

4:36 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...


It is an interesting strategical theory about letting MJD score on purpose. I don't agree with it for a few reasons.

There are reasonable possibilities of keeping JAX off the scoreboard from the 30 yard line:

*The Raiders could cause a fumble or JAX could have a bad handoff exchange.

*On 1st down if you make a stop for 1 yard, no gain, or in the backfield, JAX might be forced to pass ...

*If JAX is forced to pass, there is a chance for a negative play (a) holding (b) interception (c) sack

* If JAX is forced to kick a FG then it is possible for (a) missed FG (b) bad snap (c) blocked kick

The hole on the MJD did look suspicious. If they started the drive on the 25 or closer, it might more sense but from the 30???

6:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

CJ, good points thanks. Go Niners Go Rams Florida Raider

6:49 PM  
Anonymous Tooz 72 said...

The worthless sacks of dung that are the 40-whiners are losing 34-7 against the Dolts. I hate the worthless sacks of dung that are the 40-whiners.

8:21 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

counting on the Whiners to help us out was a completely lost cause.

Regardless of what the Chefs and Bolts do the rest of the way, I want the Raiders to finish up strong.

Anything less than 8-8 will be a big disappointment.

8:46 PM  

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