Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Run DMc Hits His Stride

Raiders 59 - Donkeys 14

It is rather hard to believe but Darren McFadden just turned 23 a few months ago. Run DMc's performance vs. the Donkeys on Sunday was the super-charged engine that drove the Raiders to a record setting, awe-inspiring day.

#20 had some eye-popping stats (16 carries, 165 rushing yards, 10.3 average, 3 rushing TDs including a 57 yard video game romp; 2 receptions for 31 yards including a 19 yard reception on a 3rd and goal screen call from the 19 yard line).

Besides the bulging average per touch, what stuck me was his decisiveness with making his cuts and finishing his runs with violent vigor. This outstanding performance is the next step in his career progression. McFadden was well on his way to a fantastic 2010 before pulling his hamstring in week 4 just before the 1st half.

Here are his stats in the previous games:

Week 1 at Titans: 18 carries, 95 yards, 5.3 avg.
Week 2 vs. Rams: 30 carries, 145 yards, 4.8 avg.
Week 3 at Cards: 25 carries, 105 yards, 4.2 avg
Week 4 vs. Texans: 12 carries, 47 yards, 3.9 avg.

Missing weeks 5 and 6 vs. SD and SF, it was amazing for McFadden to have his career rushing day in his 1st time back on the field.

McFadden's 2010 Stats:

Rushing: 101 carries, 557 yards, 5.5 avg., 4 rushing TDs (3 of 5 games with 100+ yards)

Receiving: 18 receptions, 193 yards, 10.7 avg, 2 reception (please Huey ... dial up more screens to #20)

Misc. Notes and Comments:

This dismantling of the Donkeys was surreal. I had to do a double-take and calibrate the score and clock. I asked my buddy at one point "Is it really Raiders 21-0 with over 7 and half minutes to go in the 1st Quarter?!"

The morale of the team must be sky high after this type of win where every unit contributed mightily to a dominating team victory.

Rookie LT Veldheer had a "break-out" game and was clearly the key cog to spring McFadden loose. This was the type of game for Valdheer to cement his place as the starter at LT for the rest of the year. His size, quick feet, tenacity, and football IQ are a solid platform to become an elite LT.

To build momentum and take the next step in climbing the competitive ladder, the Raiders need to follow-up this victory by tearing the Sea Chickens' wings off next week. The team cannot ill afford to take the air out of the balloon by falling prey to the roller coaster syndrome where a good win is followed up by a bad loss. (ie. SD win followed by SF dud).

It is critical for the Raiders to establish a level of consistency in terms of effort and execution. In order to become a playoff caliber team, the team needs to start stringing together multiple wins. It all starts with an opportunity for the 1st back to back wins since December of 2008. Let's do this!


Anonymous Tooz 72 said...

This performance is almost too beautiful to describe. We saw glimmers of this potential in the preseason. I hope this is the watershed moment for the Raiders, after which they'll play more consistenly and more dominantly. I think it's no stretch to say that DMc revived Campbell's prospects and kept Cable in the saddle for now. I don't mind venting when this team plays poorly, because they often do and it pisses me off. As a lifelong fan, I've seen much better in earlier eras. At the same time, when the Raiders kick ass Raiders style on a division rival, I'm happy to hoot and holler and celebrate along with the Nation. Good work, boys. Let's get another one this Sunday against the Squawks!

5:48 AM  
Blogger Raider Nate 75 said...

My hope is that we build on this win, and put some consistent wins to go along with this @$$ kickin'.
I have seen the potential of our young team this past Sunday, and it really makes me think that we are not well coached. I cannot make this claim the past 7 years, because we had different players and personell. But after Cable called our issues "fundamentals" last week after the 9er game; we took care of the "fundamentals" this week.
But further proof that it may be more coaching is the fact that 3 times, the offense did not get a play in quick enough; one for a delay of game that put us 2nd and goal on the 24 yard line. As a coach you want to know where you want to go next, always be a step ahead of what is happening on the field. The "fundamentals" issue could be more on the coaching staff.
Let's build off this epic game, and take it to the Seagulls like we did in the '84 AFC Championship! Let's become who we are.....THE RAIDERS!!!

6:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Surreal is the right word. I was not used to seeing a blowout never mind a record setter that for a few minutes I was not sure how to enjoy it

Its hard to do a lot of analysis under blowout conditions (pass rushers can ignore the run etc.) However, I agree with you McFadden looked like the real thing. Would you also agree that the secondary has really begun to gel lately as well?

Florida Raider

3:58 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

FLR - No question the secondary was in lock-down mode vs. Denver. However, prior to the Denver game, our pass D struggled with some blown coverages, poor safety help, etc.

What I've been harping on for the past few weeks is the need for the team, individual units, and individual players to demonstrate consistent, solid play week-in-week out.

6:22 PM  

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