Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas, Raider Nation

Silver and Black Forever wishes the Raider Nation a very MERRY Christmas and a wonderful New Year. GO Raiders!


Anonymous Tooz 72 said...

Merry Christmas to you too, CJ. Tough game yesterday on the new family flat screen TV. Didn't need the hi def to see the problems. BTW, my son is a psycho so we watch the game on TV with the sound off and listen to the radio call, which of course is excellent. But the 2-3 second TV delay makes it a challenge to hear the plays first, and see them second.

I may be the only one, but I completely forgive Frye for the 3 picks. The dude is ice cold. Let's get him some consecutive games before we declare it time for the Losman era.

And forget the refs. They always have and always will make bad calls against the Raiders.

My beef this week is with the play calling. How in God's name does a team line up on the 2 yard line and not try even one run? The ghosts of Marcus Allen, Bo Jackson, Zack Crockett and everyone else in football history must have been screaming as loud as I was during that series. 1st and if necessary, 2nd down should have gone to Bush. He was pounding solidly yesterday. What kind of finesse B.S. crap were they trying to accomplish out there??!!

Also, Cable didn't call a coach's challenge on the punt that put them on the one yard line, even though on both TV and radio they were emphatic that the Browns player had touched the goal line.

Then, the use of the clock (or should I say lack of use?) prior to the final two minute warning was baffling.

Is Cable that poor a coach? Is he being overridden on such matters by Davis? (unlikely, since he didn't travel with the team). Or is he brilliant and I just can't see it?

At least Jano's 61-yarder was a thrill.

So, my prediction of the best possible record of 5-11 has come true, barring another miracle next week. I had them winning both Kansas City games and the Cleveland game as locks with two possible wild cards. Turns out they split with KC and lost to Cleveland. The Eagles and Cincinnati provided the wild cards and God himself intervened in Denver. What a ride.

Keep up your good blogging. I know it must be a challenge given the material you must observe every week.

1:29 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Best New Year's wishes to you and your family, Tooz!

Yesterday's game was the worst of all worlds ... bad coaching, bad officiating, and a lack of discipline by the players.

I can deal with some bad calls by the officiating crew and lack of discipline by players since it isn't the reason we lost.

However, Cable had arguably his worst game as a coach.

* Cable's goal line playcalling.
(1st and goal at the 2 deserves at least 2 rushing attempts)

* Cable's useage of Bush
(1 carry the last 20 minutes of playing time)

* Cable not challenging a punt at the 1/2 yard line when it is the 1st half and he would still have 1 challenge left for the 2nd half
(no need to save a timeout in the 1st half.)

Get ready for the Jim Fassell era for this upcoming decade.

6:58 PM  
Blogger Leighraider said...

Hope you had a great christmas CJ, all the best for the New Year from Across The Pond.
I have two words for Cable this week.MIIICHHHAAEELLL BBBUUUUSSSHHH

7:00 AM  

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