Wednesday, November 04, 2009

1st Half Review - Offensively Impotent

Here is a quick snap shot of the Raiders offenses 1st half statistics which can be characterized as offensively impotent or the exact opposite of explosive:

(All statistics are on a per game average)

First Downs: 12

3rd Down Conversion Rate: 29%

Total Offensive Yards: 215

Total plays: 54

Rushing Yards: 94

Passing Yards: 121

Passing Completion Rate: 49%

Pass Completions: 12.5

Touchdowns: .75 (not a misprint ... averaging less than 1 TD per game)

Time of Possession: 26:37

Points per game: 9.8

In 8 games played this season, the Raiders have failed to score more than 1 TD in 7 games while getting completely shut out from the end zone in 3 games. The offensive unit has only a few players that are executing at a starter's caliber: TE Miller, LT Henderson, and when healthy, LG Gallery. The rest of the 8 men on the unit need to demonstrate a huge level of improvement, be cut, or take a seat on the pine.

With the Nation in a foul mood over a 6.5 year run of ineptitude in winning less than 25% of the games played over this span, here is my "wish" list to get the franchise back on track:

(1) First and foremost, Al Davis needs to hire a General Manager. Yes, this is stating the obvious. A GM who is involved in the player evaluation, the draft, coaching hires, and football operations would be the only significant way to recalibrate the path we are on.

(2) The newly hired GM's first order of business is to demote Tom Cable to OLine Coach and conduct a thorough, exhaustive search for the most proven, capable Head Coach.

(3) The draft needs to focus on building the team from the inside, out. The offensive and defensive lines need to be the priority.

(4) A starting caliber, veteran QB needs to be added to the roster with a real, best man wins, competition in camp 2010.

(5) At least 1 established, veteran WR needs to be added to the roster via free agency.

(6) A traditional SLB needs to be added through the draft or free agency. We haven't had a legitimate SLB since the days of Romo and our run defense has suffered the consequences.

(7) The newly hired Head Coach and GM need to have the authority on all football matters. This includes modernizing the offensive and defensive schemes and running more sophisticated game plans.

(8) The owner needs to put the team first and his ego a distant second. He needs to trust the executive support staff that he hires to do their jobs. He needs to return to the loyal fan base the one thing that has been missing the past 7 seasons ... hope.


Blogger Danna said...

great post. Welcome back. Sucks, huh

10:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good post, but Al will never hire a GM, ever. SO what can happen. First things first, we need experienced, possession recievers - put in Walker, sit out DHB. With Gallery back, Run, RUn, and Run. Use all 3 backs at once. Split out Bush, McF. Defense. Do what we did to beat the one team that was good - Blitz. Blitz. Blitz. Let Marshall do his thing. If we just did that i think we might have a chance. Those are possible. A new GM, a new coach. Not possible. Wish they were, but let's face reality.

9:09 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

The GM was only a part of my "wish" list. A solid, proven, competent, qualified Head Coach prospect only joins us with a GM in place and some authority on football operations. Your suggestions are more grounded in reality which is make the best of a dysfunctional situation with our current personnel.

Forget about Walker though. He is currently in the Witness Protection Program. The best case scenario is a combo of Shilens & Murphy with some 3 WR sets using DHB or JLH.

I really like your idea of utilizing Bush & McFadden in the passing game. I was hoping before the season started that McFadden would be our "X" factor. The guy has had 4 injuries in less than 2 years. At least with Huggy Bear we know what we getting which is passionate, fearless running come hell or high water.

It will be great to get Gallery back and Satele is coming around nicely. I would like to see the offense establish the indentiy of a blood & guts running team which uses play action pass to get some big plays down the field.

As far as the D goes, it boils down to whether or not Marshall has the cajones to cut the dogs of war loose ... when we are aggressive and unpredicatble, we have the talent on D to dictate the tempo and terms of the game.

9:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The D sucks they have given up over 200 yards rushing like three or four times. YOu can not get a chance to blitz if the other team does not need to pass. Also if they blitz in better be with zone behind it becuase Chris Johnson is crap Geoff

5:09 AM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Anon 5:09 am -

The blitz is one of the primary tools for a defense. Besides the obvious 3rd and long situations, the blitz can be used in a wide array of packagges very effectively.

It isn't just pass blitz but also run blitz packages. True, the Raiders run D has been very inconsistent. However, if the DC keeps the opponent on their toes using corner blitz, zone blitz, safety blitz, delayed LB blitz, and run blitz it allows the defense to set the terms of the game.

When we play a predictable, passive brand of defensive football ... Man 2 Man, 4 base pressure, LBs off the line of scrimmage playing soft it gives the offense to dictate the tempo of the game.

We need to mix in more pass coverage, use a wide variety of blitz packages, and cut the dogs of war loose. Excluding the Eagles game, the Raiders have blitz very infrequently.

7:05 PM  

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