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Beyond The Sunrise

Oakland 6 - Houston 29

In the opening game this season, the Raiders played a spirited, tough brand of football in a hard fought loss to the Chargers. The acquisitions of Seymour & Ellis gave our defense some real teeth to it. The Raiders were, without question, the more physical team on the field. Offensively, we were able to run the ball effectively. Defensively, we were able to stop the run. In spite of the loss, the Raiders team showed resiliency by overcoming a late game deficit. There was a genuine sense of hope after this game that this season had real promise.

In the 2nd game vs. Kansas City, 2 of our 3 units (Defense, Special Teams) played exceptionally well allowing the team to be in the position to win in the last 2:00. Russell's struggles became quite evident in this game and there was a gloomy sense in Raider Nation that our offense could be as bad as the 2006 Bed N Breakfast edition. Instead of committing to the run in this game, Cable chose to open up the passing attack. The rushing game never gained traction. Since the team overcame and won on Russell's clutch TD drive, there was still hope. We were learning how to close out a game. A "W" is a "W", right?

In the 3rd game vs. Denver, at home with a chance to take a share of the division lead, the Raiders laid a sulfurous egg. The defense was gashed by the Broncos running attack, Russell continued to have more difficulties with his accuracy, and the run game never materialized. There wasn't any acceptable excuse for the Raiders coming out flat and unfocused. The negative feelings about the team resurfaced.

Today's game vs. Houston confirmed the negative outlook. Where is the improvement from game to game? Going into the game, the Texans were the #32 ranked team in run defense. Were we able to run the ball? Net yards rushing = 45. Did Cable make a concerted effort to get Bush more carries? Bush had 3 carries for the entire day. Was Russell more accurate in his passing? Russell completed 36% of his passes (12-33). Were we able to sustain drives? Try 8 first downs for an entire game. Did DHB or McFadden contribute to our offensive attack? Not unless you count DHB doubling his career receptions (from 1 to 2) or McFadden losing 3 yards on 6 carries. The final straw to this blowout was a dismal performance by our special teams coverage units who gave up big yardage on kickoffs and punt returns to include a 95 yard TD return after the safety.

With the team reeling from 2 bad losses, Russell becoming the poster boy for a bad team, and the most difficult part of the schedule looming (NYG, Philly, NYJ, SD), it could get ugly fast. I would like to think that hope is right around the corner if and only if the offensive unit can come up with a few solutions to their woes. Right now, the offensive unit is so bad that the team is playing with 1 arm behind it's back. Here are a few solutions to ponder:

(1) Come hell or high water, this team needs to re-establish the running attack as the foundation of the offense where drives are sustained and toughness demonstrated. Find a spot on the OLine for Barnes to beef up the run blocking. Putting Barnes at LG or RT is worth a trial run.

(2) Cable needs to rethink how he is distributing playing time. DHB needs to earn his starting position during the week of practice and by producing on the field. Our best inside runner (Bush) needs to be given the opportunity to get in a rhythm in a game by getting more than 3-6 carries.

(3) The running backs and tight ends need to become a more integral part of the passing attack. This is especially important and true for a team that has a QB struggling and a team having a difficult time sustaining drives. In this game vs. the Texans, only 3 balls were completed to the RBs and another 3 to TE Miller. Is there any reason why Cable can't incorporate more 2 TE sets and use Stewart/Myers as pass catching TEs? Does it make sense for McFadden to get only 1 passing touch for an entire game? There are dozens of creative ways to utilize McFadden and Bush into the passing attack. This omission points back to Cable's play calling. He knows his offensive unit is in a black hole. It is up to him to find ways to use his personnel to make it easier to pull themselves out of this hole. The players need to ultimately execute the plan. If one of your biggest weapons (McFadden) is only getting a couple touches per game than there is a problem with the game plan.

(4) The most important piece to an offensive lobotomy is for Russell to become a competent and reliable passer. I am not convinced that Russell will transform himself overnight when you've got 2 rookie starting WRs who are having a difficult time supporting him and a non-existent rushing attack. If and when the running attack gets going and Shilens returns there is a glimmer of hope that we can begin to climb the hill again.


Blogger Danna said...

Hey CJ,can you come coach this team please? Great solutions. I'm still learning the intricacies of this game, so excuse me if this is rudimentary and obvious, but I haven't heard anyone mention the fact that Gallery is missing. When he's in there, holes can be made for the backs, and JR has a lot more protection. Bummer he'll be out so long, but when he returns, will the running game follow? In the meantime, your schemes could at least give this offense some direction. This whole year feels like it could be an embarrassing disaster. I'll keep watching and going to games when I can, but it hurts....

12:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about benching Russell its obvious he does not care. Numerous reports say he has fined for being overwieght and late for meetings,that is unless you listen to the guy who writes this blog and thinks Russell is just big boned. The Raiders problems are numerous but QB leadership is integral to a team's success. Bottom line not only does Russell suck but he is a punk bith as well who does not deserve to wear the silver and black.

4:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Beyond the sunrise, how about after the sunset as that is what the Raider season has become. Or better yet after the nuclear winter.

The Raiders are a complete mess. I have been a die hard fan since the 76 super bowl and this is the lowest the Raiders have ever been during that time.

Being a bit of an optimist like every Raider fan needs to be the last six years coming into the season I was upbeat. I thought the team had a nice mix of vets and up and coming young players. Most importantly I thought the quarterback situation was settled for the next decade.

Now that the harsh light of the season is upon us I have to face reality

1. Cable is a loser who is about to be arrested

2. Disfunction and lack of leadership permates the team all the way up and down the chain. The sadest thing was seeing Greg Ellis (good guy that he is) on the sideline trying to rally the offense and Jamarcus standing off to the side half listening with a stupid grin on his face. What the hell is wrong with Russell he just does not get it.

3. Center is a major weak spot---we miss you Barrett

4. Jamarcus its hard to tell what is worse, his skill set or his mindset. I wish they still had Garcia then they could bench Russell and hopefully he would learnsome humility, fat jerk that he is.

5. Even back in the dark days of the mid 90s at least the Raiders were competitive and then would break your heart at the end of the game, now they get blown out on a regular basis.

6. All this crap about the Raiders being talented is bs, we have two superstars (Nmandi and Lechler) and about 8 above average players, the rest are okay to terrible

7. The Rich Gannon episode before the broncos game was disgusting

CJ, I wish your suggestion on play calling would work but unfortunently major surgery is needed.

I still have respect for Al and I think he can add a ton of value but he can not do it on his own anymore. He needs to ring in a big personality like (Madden) to help at the top level and a real coach (Gruden, Holmgren, Cowher etc.) who can overhaul the culture and kick some ass.

How bad are things I am hoping Cable gets arrested and suspended so that Al replace him asap. I only hope it is someone decent.


Florida Raider

3:22 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

25-75 since the Super Bowl. 6 and 1/4 seasons played at a 25% winning percentage.

The problems are easy to point out but the solutions will require a change in the way business is conducted at Alameda.

(1) Instability at Head Coach. In the last 20 years, we have had only 2 head coaches who have lasted more than 2 years (Shell I, Gruden). Instability at Head Coach negates any chance for continuity and true rebuilding.

(2) QB Play. In the last 20 years we have had only 2 QBs who were good or above average (Hostetler, Gannon). Without good QB play, an NFL team is going nowhere fast.

(3) Poor draft selections. Only a handful of drafted players have earned pro bowl status in the last few decades. Off the top of my head, I can only think of Lechler, Asomugha, and Charles Woodson. A classic example of the Raiders philosophy of drafting speed over football players is taking DHB over BJ Raji, Michael Oher, and Eugene Monroe.

(4) Hit and mostly miss on free agent acquisitions. For every good acquisition there are 2 to 3 times as many whiffs.

(5) An antiquated, inflexible defensive philosophy. A base 4 defense and man to man coverage is too predictable and requires superstar CBs and an all star front 4.

(6) Lack of authority and trust in a Head Coach to hire his own staff and determine the best type of offense and defense that he wants to run.

If you really look hard at the Raiders history going all the way back to 25 years ago (Post SBXVIII) this franchise has been subpar with the exception of a good 3 year run (2000, 2001, 2002).

Who is the one constant in the past 25 years? Who is the one person who is the ultimate decision maker? Al Davis.

I want Al Davis and the Raiders to succeed but if you are going to bellyache about our woes, the first person your angst should be directed at is Al Davis. He should be held accountable when the team wins 25% of the games in the last 100. He should also be praised if/when the team excels.

Bottom Line:
Who picks the Head Coach?
Who picks the QB?
Who picks the draftees?
Who picks the free agents?

Under the current circumstances and as double digit loss seasons stack up, it becomes even more apparant that a major change in the way things are done needs to take place. Step 1 in my opinion is to hire a capable GM to help shoulder the load.

9:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nmandi and Lechler, the players most valuable to the Raiders and respected by all for their football skills, are really foolish for re-signing with the Raiders, IMO. They know the Al Davis-created teams have not benefited by their pro-bowl contributions to winning seasons; either one could have joined a SB contender, not a pretender like the Raiders.

Yet, neither of these 2 has rose above the ranks to take leadership of the Raiders; neither has chosen to speak up as a veteran team leader and rally their team mates in their current downward slide. So I wonder are these truly professional players with pride or merely content collecting $$$$ from a generous owner? Don't they want to be with a winning team? Are they only interested in collecting the fat checks and no regard for the performance of the team?

11:43 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

McFadden is out 2 to 4 weeks with a meniscus tear. Now we get BUSH!
We need a veteran WR to help the young guys, and give Russell confidence. We need Russell to become an accurate passer.
Now we face the NY Giants. It's going to be a tough game, one we cannot "shootout" with them. We HAVE to establish the run! We cannot abandon the run. We have to pressure Eli. We have to make offensive plays.

I don't look forward to this game, but I just hope we make a game of it.

7:12 AM  
Blogger Leighraider said...

Unfortunately I think Florida Raider is right about the sun setting on this season,I can only see us having a chance of a win against KC the way we are playing right now.I have always been in Al's corner but the whole organisation is in need of overhaul, starting with a GM.I don't have a lot of faith in things changing any time soon unless someone like Madden can maybe get in his ear and shock him to his senses.I'm not holding my breath.

7:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bench Jafatty he needs to be humbled the big jerk pimp wannabe, maybe he can find work with CJ as a cross dressing pirate. Jesus in San Mateo

9:15 AM  
Blogger RaiderRealist said...

Keep fighting the good fight CJ. Your takes are thought provoking and appreciated.

1:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Should we wonder about a grown man who names himself after a pirate,what type of pirate is this calico character?Chucky

1:57 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Chucky: Calico Jack is merely a pen name. If you must know, here is the origin of Silver and Black Forever and Calico Jack:

Back in November of 2006, I decided to start this blog to share information and express my unfiltered views on the Raiders. One of the first things I needed to do before putting my fingers to the keys was come up with a name for the blog.

The original blog name was going to be 'Silver and Black Forever. Til Death Do Us Part' to capture the true essence of my passion for the Raiders. For practical purposes the name was shortened to 'Silver and Black Forever'. Of course the colors are synonymous with the Raiders. The word 'Forever' was a way of flagging this site for die-hard Raider fans. After all, forever means to the end of time. It was a way of marking a line in the sand. To the left of the line are the casual fans. On the line (or the fence) are the fair weather fans. To the right of the line are the loyal, dedicated, no quarter given, die-hard fans. My intentions are to create a webpage that can be a voice for the folks on the right side of the line. The Raider Nation.

After coming up with the name of the blog, I decided to come up with a pen name. While scouring the net for historical pirates, I came across a page that had a bunch of pirates' flags. When I saw Calico Jack's black flag with the skull and cross swords, I knew I hit my mark. Was the Raiders logo modeled after Calico Jack's flag of the early 1700's? You be the judge. Below is a brief historical bio on the colorful and infamous pirate named Calico Jack.

(from Wikipedia)
Jack Rackham (died 1720), commonly known as Calico Jack, was a pirate captain during the 18th century. He earned his name from the colourful Calico clothes he wore, but is now most famous for having the two most notorious female pirates in his crew, Anne Bonny and Mary Read.

7:03 PM  
Blogger raiderpirate said...

We need a robot that can only hand the ball to Bush or Mcfadden.

7:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my prediction crabtree's catch total this Sunday exceeds DHB's season total to date. Russell you are a jerk and have let Raider nation down by not dedicating yourself to your job. Manuel Rojas

4:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey CJ, just wondering if in light of recent information that Russell has been fined for being overweight and blown off numerous meetings do you still feel this way:

"To suggest that Russell didn't work hard in preparation for the 2009 regular season is off base and disengenious in my opinion"

Florida Raider

5:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you seriously beleive that he was fined Florida Raider?


5:27 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

FL Raider:

Show me a credible source who can verify these claims and I will give you my honest opinion.

Otherwise, rumors, speculation, and gossip from the media isn't worth commenting on.

And no, this isn't a cop out.

My original opinion is based on the comments of Head Coach Cable who has said countless times, on the record, that Russell is putting in the extra time and has been dilligent in his preparation.

7:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

frkyraider-----I believe everything about the story (he is overweight, has missed meeting and practices and is not working hard) Cable and Dwayne Bowe both said it as well. The only part I do not believe is what you pointed out which is the fines part, unfortunately Al tends to coddle certain players too much so he probably was never fined and in this case its ends up enabling Jamarcus childish bad behavior---Regards Florida Raider

7:40 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

FL Raider -

Cable and Bowe said that "he is overweight, has missed meeting and practices and is not working hard"? Really? Provide a link. I do recall Bowe commenting about the need for Russell to be more in charge and step up his leadership of the offensive unit but that is about it.

7:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the spin on unfounded and unverified false stories just amazes me. but don't worry Florida Raider they will spoon feed you another one next week. eat it up!!!


9:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you not remember the Cable press conference where he said Russell is part of the 10% of the team that does not know the playbook. Cable is notorious for propping up Russell so for him to come out and say that think what a damning statement that is----I mean my God our QB does not know the playbook. It’s just not Cable and Bowe but Gannon, Esiason and numerous others such as Bill Williamson from ESPN. All of the above are not biased against the Raiders or just mudslingers. There is a good article in Yahoo this week that talks about Russell's struggles and lays equal blame with the franchise and with Russell himself. Also if you go through Jerry Mac's blogs you can find the one on Bowe where he talks about Russell needing to step up his work ethic. Add in Garcia’s rant and there is just way too many people saying Russell is a lzy ass for there not to be some truth there

Bottom line guys we cannot sugar coat it Russell is not pushing himself to be great. To use a word CJ likes you would have to be delusional to not see this.

There is not a pro bowl qb in the league who is not an incredibly hard worker. Think how many stories you hear about Peyton, Ryan and guys like Gannon studying like crazy and going to the coaches for extra time to improve their game. Russell does not do this, in fact you hear stories about the opposite.

Given his shortcomings this is a recipe for disaster that you can see playing out this year---check the stats. We can spend time arguing what Russell's potential is. Instead I would rather agree with you that whatever potential Russell has will never be realized because he lacks the discipline and the passion to put in the hard work to get things done.

Even more nauseating as a Raider fan is his laissez-faire attitudes consider the following quote: "You could say that. As far as decision-making, I really haven’t made any bad decisions. I know where to go with the ball. It’s just a matter of executing and wanting to get there,” Russell said.

Great leadership Jamarcus yes no bad decision making on your part it must be the wr, the refs, Al dAvis's fault, 35% completion rate is totally cool, keep up the good work and don't forget your fur coat.

Florida Raiders

4:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One more comment the Raiders as an organization are so screwed up they will not bench Russell---jsut look at Arizona and Leinart and the Titans and Young once they realized these guys sucked they benched them right away for the good of the team. The Raiders should do that too---oh yeah Garcia's gone---oh well so muuch for that idea

Florida Raider

4:39 AM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

FL Raider:

First off, you dodged your reference of - Cable and Bowe said that "he is overweight, has missed meeting and practices and is not working hard"? You know and I know that that Cable and Bowe never said anything remotely close to the words you chose.

Secondly, you refer to both the Bowe interview and Cable (10%) interview which you totally mischarterize.

Let's start with all of Bowe's comments: (direct from Mac's blog)

Dwayne Bowe told Bay Area reporters he think’s it’s time for Russell to take charge.

“He’s kind of a laid-back guy,” Bowe said. “I told him he’s got to be more (of a leader), not screaming in guys’ faces, but going to the side, tell them what they did wrong or afterwards, stay an extra hour or focus to improve your game and he said he’s going to start that up.”

Upon arrival at LSU, Bowe said Russell was “kind of a quiet, laid-back country boy, but once he got he hang of it, got more focused, he became a more vocal leader. He called extra meetings, watched extra film at his house, stuff like that.”

When asked if he thought Russell would be a star in Oakland, Bowe said, “I know what he can do. It’s just, when can he do it? And I told him, his time is running out in the NFL. I want to see now, and I want to see a year from now, feeling up to it. You have to take into consideration to take the show yourself and he just feels like he’s young and he’s got a lot of older guys in front of him that’s kind of mentoring him.
“But I said, You’re the quarterback on that team; you’re going to be the franchise player. You need to be the franchise. I told him, you need to take over every drill, every meeting, and just see how it goes. If you do it and it don’t work out well, stop. But if you do it and you’re successful, keep going. So I’m just waiting (to see) the headlines taking over Oakland.”

Not once did Bowe allege that Russell wasn't a hard worker. The entire jist of his comments were about Russell taking charge of the offense.

As far as Cable's 10% quote, here is what was actually said:

Cable said he believes 90 percent of the roster “gets it” in terms of a standard of performance it takes to succeed and that “we’ve got 10 percent that we’ve got to get there as coaches. We’ve got to improve them. We’ve got to get them to a point where they can go in and perform like the other 90 percent.”

Although Cable conceded Russell is part of the 10 percent, he rejected the notion that his quarterback isn’t doing what it takes to succeed in terms of preparation.

“His growth in the last year has been extreme with regard to his work ethic,” Cable said. “I want everyone to work harder and do more. I don’t think think he’s any different that way than anybody else . . . if he was where he was a year ago or even two years ago, I’d be pretty disappointed right now. But he has brought himself to another level that way.

7:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

CJ, again a great post and solid analysis, your ability to analyze objectively, without all the vitrole and fanfare is appreciated. Danna, i think you raise a good point, Gallery really is a key cog to our O-line and running success, he is missed. Ironic considering all the heat he has historically garnered among haters.
As for the certain poster(s) on here, who seem to harp on the same old themes, relentlessly (ie., tiredly), ignore them and they will go away to spew their raider- hate elsewhere.

8:24 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

To further clarify ... I'm NOT by any means happy with Russell's piss poor performance.

I was merely pointing out that FL Raiders assumptions and specific cited sources simply are unfounded.

Specifically, Bowe and Cable never said or alluded to Russell being over weight or not being a hard worker.

As I've said countless times, Russell is responsible for his performance on the field. All of the chatter about "he is lazy ... he doesn't care ... he is over weight, etc" is just chatter.

Taking each characterization on one by one:

"He is lazy" - Says who? Please cite one player, one coach, anyone that knows him, has played with him who has ever even hinted that that the guy is lazy. Does Joe Six Pack Raider fan knows what he is doing 24/7? No.

If the head coach is saying "His growth in the last year has been extreme with regard to his work ethic.” are you implying that the head coach is lying? If so, shouldn't your anger be directed at Cable/Davis?

"He doesn't care" - This is complete B.S. This is another false assumption based on his easy going, even keeled, laid back, country boy personality. He has kept things in the proper perspective which is that the ENTIRE unit is struggling and that he needs to improve his individual performance.

"He is over weight" - Quite frankly, I don't give a shit if the scale reads 250 or 300 lbs as long as he is performing at the standard we expect. Does he weigh more than he did to close out the 2008 playing well? Doubtful. The whole notion that Russell isn't in good shape just because he doesn't fit the profile of a 6'4' 230 lbs QB is silly. The guy is a big, strong, athletic QB. His size/weight has nothing to do with his current struggles.

If you really look at the situation objectively, his struggles are a combination of many factors.

Some of these factors are obviously his own shortcomings in excuting the play (mechanics, footwork, reads, accuracy).

Some factors have to do with the other 10 men on the offensive unit doing their assignments.

A non-existent run game, 2 rookie WRs starting, questionable playcalling add to the equation.

A perfect example of how important the team concept is to football was evident in the Texans game. Russell was hit 10 times, sacked twice. We ran the ball for only 45 net yards. If we can't run the ball or protect him on pass plays, are you expecting miracles?

No matter how bad things are going around Russell in terms of support, the onus is still on him to raise his game.

In spite of less than ideal circumstances, the burden is on Russell to play at a much higher level. Each play, series, game, there is an opportunity for Russell to prove the naysayers wrong. I expect for him to be the franchise QB who overcomes the current adversity. I am severely disappointed in his performance to date but I haven't given up on him. The next 12 games are his moment of truth.

10:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I will take Rich Gannon's analysis over CJ's anyday when it comes To Russell. Especially given this blog writer is about the only guy on the planet who does not think Russell is fat. In Florida Raiders defence Cable did say Russell is one of the 10% on the team that does not know the playbook. If that is not due to lazyness it is because he is stupid take your pick. Thats not hate just the sad truth. Juan Lopez in San Mateo

6:05 AM  
Anonymous Tooz 72 said...

Go Gannon. Go CJ. Both are right, not so different, just different shades.

No Eli might make this a game......

9:28 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Eli practiced Friday with no complications ... I expect him to be on the field.

The Giants, in my opinion, have the blue print for building and sustaining a successful team. The emphasis has been acquiring, developing, and maintaining strong linemen. The Giants have arguably the best OLine and DLine in the entire NFL. This isn't an accident. It is not a fluke. Instead of concentrating on speedy DBs and WRs, the Giants organization understands that a football team's strength and foundation is the OL and DL.

10:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TO quote Dean Wermer: "Jamarcus fat. lazy and stupid is no way to go through life." Geoff

5:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there any way we can send Cable and Jamarcus to jail together that might help

10:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I heard on the pregame that Rusell admited to Diedorf that he has been fined for being overwieght. Just curious to see if you still think my statements are unfounded and that Russell is not overwieght or is in bad shape. Just wondering

Florida Raider

11:17 AM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

FL Raider -

We can go around and around on this all you want but it is going to go nowhere.

Do I think Russell is in shape?

Yes. He is a big, strong, athletic QB. At 6'6", a comfortable, natural weight is 270-275.

Would I like him to be 260-265?

Yes. However, in the big scheme of things, Russell being "over weight by 5-10 lbs. is the least of our worries.

If Russell was playing better and the team around him was able to support him better, would you really care if he weighed 265 or 275? I know I wouldn't.

As the QB of the team and with the TEAM playing so poorly, Russell is the natural focus for all the negativity from the fans. I understand that is part of equation with being the franchise QB. It is much easier to direct your angst at Russell than all of the other problem areas. Russell's poor play is a major concern but not the only concern such as:

Are you not upset with Davis wasting a #7 pick on DHB?

Does it bother you that our running game is non-existent?

How much does it disappoint you that our defense gets continually gouged for big, explosive plays?

How good do you feel about our current WR group? Our Oline? The Hanson incident blowing up in our faces? The fact that we don't have a GM?

Bottom Line: The only way for the Raiders to turn things around is if the way business is conducted at Alameda is changed.

2:09 PM  
Anonymous Mikey G said...

Thats It Raider Fans! I am officially done with this team. I cannot endure it any longer.

Its not the losses that have me throwing in the towel, it is the utter, sheer ineptitude that this team has found those losses with. This is by far the absolute WORST run franchise in the NFL today.

I know I will not be missed, and you know what, I won’t miss living and dying week in and week out for 7 years with this team. Enough is enough, I want a divorce from this Horrible excuse for a football team. Im done, it is over. I will always love the Raiders, but for now, my time, my money, and my emotional state need to be spent in a more positive, thoughfull, progressive manner. This is such a sorry excuse for football that I simply cannot watch this disgrace any more. I cannot raise my son watching this, and I cannot condone this sort of football being presented to my family anymore. I have played the game my whole life, I have played on teams that were bad, and I have played AGAINST teams that were this bad, and you know what the number one thing that those bad teams had in common? Zero Discipline.. Its that simple. I refuse to continue to be associated with a team that is this Undisciplined, this uncommitted to playing solid, intelligent football. I don’t want my son to see it, to think that I condone this…as football??!!! I grew up watching the best players in the game and constantly sought to play like them. I never once dropped a pass in a game. I fumbled once a year maybe. I never jumped offsides, false started or got called for holding or clipping–Because the players that I emulated never did either. I simply cannot show my children this. I don’t want to have these conversations with them. How do you explain to a child, why Jamarcus Russell and Co. are so bad? How do you justify their existance….Simply, you can’t!

In the early years of 1999-2000 etc..this team won in spite of AL Davis, this team won because the people that were on this team were professionals, and refused to stamp their name on a loser. They made this team a winner.

I have seen 1st year QB’s from 1-AA schools take their respective teams to the AFC Championship Game I have seen 1st year rookies all OVER the NFL look like they could take their team as far as they want to go. I have seen OUR 3rd year QB look as clueless as my 90 year old Grandmother trying to climb Mt. Everest.not any more…I cannot watch this, the Raiders do not stand for Who I am as a person any longer, they stand for something I abhor as a human being, Laziness, Unprofessionalism, Unnacountability, Lack of Pride, Finger Pointing, Disbelief, All talk, no action….The list goes on and on. Oh the Horror!

Nnambdi and a handful of others have my deepest sympathies. The rest of you fans have my respect and my sympathies also. Fare thee well my friends, I will miss you, and the Raiders that I once knew with all my heart. For now though, I must sail on lest I teach a generation of my own family what it looks like to play a disgusting excuse for football. Someday, we may meet again…..

8:37 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Mikey G -

Consider your divorce as fully executed. Enjoy your life, stand by your principles, and don't look back. I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors.

10:01 PM  

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