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I Seymour Run D

Exciting breaking news: The Raiders acquired defensive lineman Richard Seymour from the New England Patriots for a 2011 1st round pick. Seymour, 6'6", 310 lbs, has played 8 seasons in the NFL and has earned 5 pro bowl selections and 3 super bowl rings.

Here is a summary of Seymour's scouting report:

"Seymour is a very productive three-down defensive end with excellent size, strength and power. He has very good hands with a strong upper body to control blocks. He is explosive off the ball and can push the pocket from both inside and outside. He can dominate one-on-one blocks."

Bill Williamson, who blogs about the AFC West for ESPN, had an interesting take on the acquisition. His main point is that the Raiders needed to take this risk to bust out of their 6 year rut.

Here are my views on this acquisition:

#1 - Seymour is an excellent run defender, pass rusher and is a very durable, high character player with pro bowls and SBs to his resume. He has started in 105 of 111 games.

#2 - Seymour is capable of playing both DT and DE. This versatility is HUGE considering our current DL.

Think of some possible combinations depending on down, distance, game score, time in the game, etc ...

DE: Ellis, Scott, Shaunessey
DE/DT: Kelly, Seymour, Richardson
DT: Warren, Bryant

A base DLine that consists of Ellis, Warren, Kelly, and Seymour has the potential to be pretty damn good considering the possibilities of mixing and matching DL personnel. For example, Kelly and Seymour can be interchangeable. On certain plays, Seymour can move inside while Kelly goes outside to DE.

#3 - IMO, the biggest Achilles heel of the Raiders has been run defense and toughness. Seymour adds both elements.

I understand their is a cost and risk associated with acquiring a player of Seymour's caliber. There is without a doubt some potential downsides such as;

- Seymour being 1 and done
- The loss of a valuable 1st round pick

The biggest difference that I see with this veteran acquisition and the other big ticket ones from the past that ended badly is three fold. The other acquisitions such as DeAngelo Hall, Javon Walker, and Randy Moss were peripheral, skill players (DB, WR) with either questionable character issues, injury history, or both. Seymour is known for being a quiet leader and solid character. The most significant difference in my view is that Seymour has the ability as a DLineman to make a bigger impact on a struggling team like the Raiders. A skilled DB or WR playing outside the tackle box isn't going to impact the bare essence of the game. As the godfather of coaching put it,

"Football is blocking and tackling. Everything else is mythology." — Lombardi

Cuts from yesterday:

S Jerome Boyd, DB Darrick Brown, DE Greyson Gunheim, WR Jonathan Holland, OL James Marten, LB David Nixon, LB Slade Norris, LB Chris O'Neill, FB Marcel Reece, RB Gary Russell, P/K Ricky Schmitt, TE Darrell Strong, OL Mark Wilson, , DT Ryan Boschetti, QB Jeff Garcia, LB Morlon Greenwood, CB Justin Miller, DT Terdell Sands, T Seth Wand

Waived/Injured: DB Michael Hawkins, S Rashad Baker, C John Wade

With the acquisition of Richard Seymour, I would expect WR Todd Watkins to be cut.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I agree with you 100%.

1. Our D-line was possibly the weakest part of the team and now it has gone up to adequate-solid maybe depending on the play of Kelly and Ellis very good.

2. The Raiders hit or miss on 50% of their first rounders anyway

3. Unless their is a rookie salary cap and the Raiders resign Seymour the economics are the same

4. The Raiders have been so depressing anything this exciting helps

5. Most improtantly Seymour when playing his best (not sure if those days are two or three years ago) is the best lineman the Raiders have had since Howie Long------do you agree?

The only downside is that Seymour turning 30 in a month probably is only good for another 4 years.

We must give props to Al. The Raiders in the recent Forbes were the least valuable franchise in the league and loose the most money. God bless AL who obviously does not mind spending and taking chances, making money be damned.

I wise man once said:

"The quarterback must go down and he must go down hard" or in this case the running back as well.

Thanks Al I was down in the dumps about this season but you have created a glimmer of hope for Raider Nation

All the best

Florida Raider

2:43 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

FL Raider:

Seymour was highly productive last year (8 sacks, 54 tackles).

The guy is one of the most dependable and durable DL in the game.

I think it is a resonable estimate to say that Seymour has at least 4 more good years in the tank.

The million dollar question will be whether Seymour is "1 and done" or extended beyond 2009.

What I like best about this acquisition is that it is a "meat and potatoes" type move that addresses the run stopping woes. The big ticket, high profile, glamorous moves for WRs and DBs is all puff and no substance.

The men in the trenches are the foundation of a good team. Tackling and blocking ... stop the run and run the ball. This is what wins games not 40 times at the combine.

The fact that Seymour gives our DL more flexibility, versatility, and depth is extremely valuable.

When I look at the likely rotations on the DL, I'm giddy. I sincerely believe that Seymour will complement Kelly very well. Running stunts, twists, mixing and matching personnel will give our DL more different looks for the offense.

I said this on Raider Take's site a few minutes ago ... if you were to ask me yesterday or last month, who my dream case acquisition would be, it would be Seymour, hands down.

Now if Merriman gets suspended before 9/14, I will think the stars are aligning for an exciting season!

3:38 PM  
Blogger Joaquin said...

All he needs to do is SHOW UP!

4:27 AM  
Anonymous Isa Lube said...

Well, where is he??? We must find him, quickly!!!

2:19 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Showing up would be nice! :-D CJ

7:00 PM  
Blogger Joaquin said...

It's Friday, and Mr. Seymour isn't in Oakland, and there isn't one bit of info on the streets.
I'm going to assume that there are contract negotiations going on.
Since Seymour's agent is the same agent that handle Michael Crabtree should I also assume that he's busy inking the Crabtree deal??

8:58 AM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

I'm guessing the best we can hope for is to have Seymour suited and ready to go at K.C. on 9/20.

6:37 PM  

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