Saturday, April 25, 2009

Draft Day Musings

T minus 2 hours until the 2009 NFL Draft.

I have one simple, coherent thought leading up to the #7 pick. Which player will be available on the draft board who will give JaMarcus Russell the best possible chance to succeed in 2009?

Will it be an OT protecting his blind side and giving him the time to make his 2nd and 3rd reads? Eugene Monroe, Andre Smith, and Michael Oher are solid prospects.

Will it be a dynamic WR who can create separation and produce TDs? Michael Crabtree produced 41 TDs in 2 seasons.

Will it be a DT who improves the run D and allows the offense to get the ball back? B.J. Raji could provide the depth to the interior line to make a noticeable impact.

Or finally, will it be trading the #7 pick for multiple picks to a team like the Skins or Jets who covet QB Mark Sanchez?

At the end of the day, the focus of the draft, the coaching staff, and the organization in general should be to do everything possible to give Russell all of the necessary tools, weapons, guidance, and support to lead the Raiders forward.


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