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DBH + Stop Watch = Bad Pick

Well ... so much for all of my theories about Cable having a strong influence on the draft. The biggest influence on the Raiders #7 pick was simply a stop watch. The stop watch read 4.3 for WR Darius Heyward Bey (DHB). DHB was the pick. There is no point in analyzing the decision. The stop watch and the stop watch alone dictated this pick.

I guess if DHB is going to be a support piece for QB Russell, it means dialing up numerous fly patterns. I'm disappointed with this pick for so many reasons. To pass on such players as Eugene Monroe (LT), Michael Oher (LT), B.J. Raji (DT), Michael Crabtree (WR) for a guy like DBH who is valued as a late first round, early second round pick is mind blowing. I'm not down on DBH. I'm down on Davis going plastic fantastic with this huge reach pick. Of course I will support DBH. It is my hope that DBH can be the beneficiary of Russell's cannon arm. I will have more opinions about the draft later and hope that we hit a few bulls eyes in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round to make up for this blunder.


Blogger Raider Raza said...

Bey is an excellent fit for the Raiders!!

Bey will stretch the field, get behind defenses, make some leaping catches, and be dangerous with ball..

Russell’s not going to pick a defense apart on a consistent basis..nor do we run a calculated, creative passing offense.. Don’t forget our line is below average in Pass Protection…So, we going to Run it down your throat..if you flinch we going to go deep..TE Miller will probably lead the team in grabs…not Bey..

Reaching 15th in pass offense would be huge accomplishment in 2009..
Run DMC & Bush will lead a top 5 ground attack.

This is Raider football for better or worse…we going to run the ball and when you least expect it we going to take shots deep…We don’t run a complicated offense; never have..exception is Chucky’s years…this is who we are..

Bey is going to be a good fit for Russell

Bey’s college resume isn’t as attractive as crabs, BUT crab had a much better QB..and and offense that featured the pass..

Crab is solid with the exception of elite speed..foot injury prevented him running…attitude is suspect …won Biletnikof Award 2X..will be productive in NFL, but not like he was at Texas Tech because of better competition..

Bolding doesn’t stretch the field instead is a YAC type receiver…wants insane money…poor attitude..doesn’t fit Russells strengths..nor would be as productive in our offense as he was last year in Wisenhunts & Warners well run, creative clever offense; thus not worth it.

If you look at the bigger picture its not an insane’s a very sensible calculated pick…

Oakland’s Offense Stars: Run DMC, Bush, Miller, Bey, Russell

Russell and Bey = Aerial Attacks!!!

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am disapointed that we didnt either grab one of the Big 4 OT's to help stabilize our line (i am not sold on our current slate) or one of the big stud DT's -- those seem our biggest weaknesses; if we were to grab a WR, i am fine with Bey as any.

I am happy with Mitchell, i think he will be fun to watch... a speed demon & ferocious hitter

7:14 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

My overall impression of the Raiders draft is that we did not get good value for our picks.

The only guy who we selected who might make an immediate impact is Mike Mitchell.

Mitchell seems like an ideal safety for our system. He a good tackler and physical to play in the box in run support yet fast and athletic for coverage responsibilities.

I would be suprised if DHB makes an impact in year 1. He has a long ways to go in terms of polishing his route running and developing reliable hands.

If we are able to squeeze some big plays, get decent production from him, and he creates a legit deep threat to loosen up coverage, I will be pleased.

Like any draft, we shall all wait and see.

10:38 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

BTW Raider Raza,

You are 100% correct about our basic, unsophisticated offense. That is the problem.

The "vertical" offense is broken, outdated, and flawed in today's NFL where opponent's D use complex and varied blitz packages to get to the QB.

In today's NFL, QBs simply cannot take 7 step drops, wait 5 seconds, and chuck the ball deep. It simply doesn't work.

Using a few deep, big plays is fine and can be effective but it is certainly not more than a handful of plays at best.

The vast majority of a passing offense playbook needs to be based on a read and react system where WRs adjust the patterns at the line and the QB gets the ball out of his hands in 2 seconds.

Further, it is imperative that a WR is capable of making the tough catches in traffic and fully capable of the short to intermeidate routes. At this point in time, DHB is virtually a 1 trick pony who will have a difficult time unless he is coached up to fine tune his pass catching techniqe and his route running abilities.

Again, I am hoping for the best in all of our draftees. We will all know more about these guys once they get on the field.

10:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

CJack, you have a pretty strong opinion on Bey have you watched a lot of his games?

4:10 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...


Yes, I've seen DHB play. I have nothing against DHB and I sincerely hope I'm wrong. The knock on DHB is his route running abilities, pass catching skills, and overall lack of production in 2008. Most of my disappointment is that I feel we did not get good value with this high pick. I also believe that Monroe and Raji would make a bigger impact from day 1. We shall all wait and see. If DHB helps our passing attack, I will be very pleased.

7:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DHB is not A bad Pick.He is the down field WR we needed.STOP Listening to the ESPN A-Holes.crabs is a slant WR (watch the tape) Jar Mac (bubble screen). we have A need at WR. Did you not see the game last year? You people just need to think raider team neeeeeeed . And that is the 3rd triplet. J rock,run DMC,DHB. JUST GO LONG BABY!!!!!!

11:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Blogger Stick'em said...

CJ ~

You are right, Al Davis feels the need for speed to run his draft. In addition to DHB, Mike Mitchell says he's been clocked at 4.3 too...

I have no problem with the Mitchell pick. His attitude and style are just what we need at SS. We traded down and got a #4 and #6 to get 'em.

But you are right, one of the linemen (Michael Oher or Eugene Monroe) would have been a more valuable use of the #7 pick, IMO.

I subscribe to The Planet Theory of drafting espoused by George Young of the Giants. He said (paraphrased), "There are only a certain # of human beings on planet Earth who are 300 lbs. and athletic enough to do big things on a football field. When you find one, you better draft 'em."

4:58 AM  

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