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2008 Statistical Summary

Offensive Category

Yards per Game272.229
Rushing yards per game124.110
Passing yards per game148.132
Avg. yards per play4.129
Completion %52.731
Time of Possession28:0927
Sacks Allowed3924
3rd Down Conversion



Defensive Category

Yards per Game360.927
Rushing yards per game159.731
Passing yards per game201.210
Avg. yards per play5.523
Completion %56.54
3rd Down Conversion44.4%28
Sacks Created3213
Turnover Differential



Here is a breakdown of Sea-Bass' field goal kicking.

FG Yardage

1-19 yards0 / 0n/a
20-29 yards11 / 11100%
30-39 yards8 / 8100%
40-49 yards2 / 450%
50+ yards3 / 742.8%
Overall24 / 3080.0%


Anonymous Bdizraider4ever said...

Hey Calico man, what a sweet victory against the bucs man. I think that Chucky aka Jon gruden is a great coach and wished we still had him, but on the other hand it was a great game for the Raider's franchise and we really needed to stick it to the bucs. The rivalry is bitter and i am glad we took them out of the playoffs this year. We now have some bragging rights , for that game.It was even sweeter of a victory that Rich Gannon was the color commentator, It put the icing on the cake.
Your post has been cool this year and i hope you keep it going through the off season. Do you?
If not that is cool i will be checking when ever i get on.
SO do you think Al davis will get a GM this season?
Another question. I heard that Al Davis wanted out of Oakland A few years ago and sued Oakland and couldnt get out of his contract till 2011. DO you think that mabey this is why he is slacking on what we really need.
All the things you meantioned this year... Stable Coach..GM...ECT....
PLease let me know your views on these couple of things.
Another thing

10:43 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Looking outside the GM and HC issues that presently haunt us, I believe we can quickly improve the offensive stats with the maturation of Russell and McFadden as well as addition of a couple key players at WR and OL.

The D side, however, scares the sh*t out of me because this mess continues to repeat itself despite coaching stability and an influx of high-paid FAs. There's no end in sight.

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Bdizraider4ever said...

Yeah nyraider i agree with you about our offensive line. It has been one of the main problems our team has faced over a 5 year time span. I hope al Davis realizes this. It is clear i mean look how many times people have got through to our quarterbacks, i mean come on.
Well heres to a fresh New Year and hopefully some good football next year.

12:00 PM  
Anonymous Tooz 72 said...

CJ, very interesting stats. So other than offensive rushing yards per game, defensive pass completion % (I don't know how to interpret that one -- is it passes allowed?) and Sea Bass, the rest was a mess. It's one thing to watch it each week, it's another to add it up. I wonder if we broke it down if we'd see an improving game-by-game trend in the last half of the year.

Heard a ridiculous rumor about Uncle Al courting LA again. Also hearing nothing but denials about head coach discussions. My prediction is that Al will name a new one, not Cable, and that new one will fire O and D coordinators at a minimum, maybe some position coaches too. Frankly, if Cable does stay I bet he does the same. That house has got to be cleaned.

9:28 PM  
Anonymous Tooz 72 said...

Don't read that bit I just wrote about coaches getting jettisoned. I've been underground the last few days and posted here before I read the headlines about Rathman and Ryan.

9:30 PM  
Anonymous Bdizraider4ever said...

Tooz 72

I agree it may be a rumor about Big Al Making A move for
Los Angeles. It could be alot of speculation , Of course because there are alot of questions about what the Raiders will do period to turn this team around.There were things about how Davis was having problems with the city of oaktown and wanted out. But was pinned down by contract for years till 2011. Your never know what may happen. The Raiders are a mysterious Franchise and Al davis is pretty smart. People want to see an L.A. team again in the NFL.

There Was at one time 3 football teams in L.A. and now there is 0.
This needs to change and what team would be better than the RAIDERS to come back to L.A. and rule again in their old stomping grounds. They were great when they were at the colliseum. 2 superbowls nad alot of great history. ALso alot of history In MAcafee stadium no doubt. You never know what Davis will do.

There have to be alot of changes hopefully the will. I am happy to hear that ROb Ryan is gone. He has been the worst the last 5 years for the Raiders. They have always been known for smash mouth football, and Rob Ryan has coached defensive very poor. So he can go eat a sandwich in cleveland and hopefully we can get back to some romanowski type defensive Raider football. ALso Tom CABLE
I think that Cable may be a half year coach for us, but he found an edge and showed some improvement for the Raiders. The main reason i say this is because we has barely any penaltys in the last 3-4 games. NO coach has done something about this in a while.
WEll i dont know exactly what The Raiders will be next year with all the changes but so far so good.

1:24 AM  
Anonymous Bdizraider4ever said...

About my last post they only had one superbowl in L.A. but i still dream of the move back down to southern cali.
I dream of the HOLY ROLLER!!

Calico? whats up man you gotta give me some feedback on your oppinion man. I would like to hear back from you.

12:04 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

BDidraider4ever: What exactly do you want my opinion on? Let me try to cover a few topics that you covered;

Do I post in the offseason:

Yes, I have been blogging at SBF for 3+ years including the offseason.

Do I think Al will get a GM this season?

Yes but IMO it won't be a traditional GM. It would more than likely be an executive that focuses on personnel and cap managment.

Stability at HC:

We have had 5 HCs in 6 seasons. It looks like in the next week or 2 Cable will be named HC.

My problem with this isn't that Cable isn't the right guy. It has more to do with the timeline and how the selection process has been conducted.

Since Al has been dragging his feet on the official naming of Cable, precious time has elapsed where we've lost key members of our coaching staff. When the season ended, only WR Coach Lofton was under contract. If Al knew he wanted Cable to return as HC, he should have quickly interviewed a minority candidate to meet the "Rooney" requirement and then named Cable. Cable as HC could then make his case to ST Coach Schnider (who did an excellent job this year) and RB Coach Rathman. Since our coaching situation is instable and uncertain, Schneider and Rathman bolted. Rathman, BTW, would have been the type of coach who could have been groomed to become an OC or HC.

Personally I wanted Davis to aggressively contact and interview multiple HC candidates (including Cable) and make the determination of who is most worthy to be HC. Instead Cable is viewed as a default option with no competition for the HC postion.

Do I think Al is attempting to move to L.A.?

IMO, it would make sense for him to seriously consider it for a few reasons:

#1 The football stadium in LA will be a brand new, state of the art, money making machine. The developer owns the land, had done all the environmental reports, has presented his vision to the NFL, and the public would put up a single penny.

#2 The football stadium in Oakland is an old, antiquated, piece of garbage. Obviously with the current economic climate, it will be next to impossible for the Raiders to get a new (or improved) stadium in LA

#3 If the move to LA means the Raiders coffers will be full with new revenue streams and it makes good business sense, as the owner he would be a fool not to seriously consider it. The NFL and the Oakland Raiders are a bottom line business. In order to be more competitive, the business aspect is vital.

Do I think it will actually happen? No. I think Al will stay put and renegotiate the terms to the lease in 2011.

7:33 PM  

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