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Bad Start For Walker

Editor's Update: Here is the initial Las Vegas police report. The key question to ask is what did the 2 perpetrators do or say to Walker to lure him into their car. I find it unsettling and bizarre that Walker would climb into the car of 2 total strangers in the early dawn hours in Vegas.

The Javon Walker incident that took place on Monday morning raises many questions and provokes the full range of emotions. After waiting a few days for more information to come out, I was struck by how the average fan on a basic human level is impacted by what happened to Walker. Walker was assaulted and robbed in Las Vegas and suffers from a concussion and facial injuries that might include an orbital fracture.

Here are just a few of my thoughts (and emotions) until more facts are established in Walker's case.

When I first heard that Walker was discovered unconscious on some street in Las Vegas, my first few thoughts were "What happened?" and "Is he ok?"

After hearing that Walker was spraying the nightclub patrons with $15K in champagne, I became agitated. About a year and half ago, Walker's friend Darrent Williams of the Denver Broncos died in his arms after being shot in a limo. This homicide took place following Walker, Williams, and a few other teammates spraying champagne on other clubgoers. I guess this life altering event didn't quite register as a lesson learned.

Doesn't Walker realize how fortunate he is to have just signed a six year, $55M contract? Isn't Walker still recovering from knee surgery? Shouldn't he be getting in the best shape of his life for the upcoming season instead of partying in Vegas? Didn't his head coach just tell him a few days ago at OTAs that he needs to lose some weight and get ready for training camp?

Although not confirmed, this quote is attributed to Walker about the incident:
"I was just back at my room, and at about 5:30 in the morning, I got a knock at the door," he told the Web site. "I opened it, and three guys with guns were there. They cracked me in the head a few times, knocking me unconscious. They then robbed me of everything I had; my watch, money, everything. Somehow they got me to a car and dropped me off in the street. That's what happened."

This just doesn't add up. Does it make any sense for the robbers to assault you in your hotel room (Belagio), take $100k of jewelry and cash from you then carry you down to an awaiting car to deposit you on another street away from the hotel. Why wouldn't the robbers just leave Walker in his hotel room?

It is disappointing that Walker would put himself in this position. I had to wonder ... Was his behavior of flashing his money, jewelry, and dropping $15k recklessly on champagne the reason for becoming a target? Did his actions at the club piss off the wrong people at the wrong time? "We don't believe this is a random act," Las Vegas police Lt. Clint Nichols told the Chronicle. "They knew who he was and (Walker) presented a target.

My heart goes out to Walker for being a victim of a violent crime.

Regardless of the ongoing investigation's outcome, I was happy to hear that Walker was released from the hospital this morning.

I am hopeful that Walker recovers both mentally and physically from this brutal assault. It would be wonderful for him to move past this traumatic event and have the opportunity to prosper with the Silver and Black.

Other notable quotes from the Raiders organization:
Lane Kiffin: "The info that I have is he's going to be fine," Kiffin said. "Training camp won't be an issue. ... But until our guys look at him, I don't want to say (the extent of Walker's injuries)."

Mike Taylor: "We are aware that Javon Walker was the victim of a robbery," Raiders spokesman Mike Taylor said in a statement. "We have been told that he will make a full recovery in the near future and resume his preparation for the 2008 NFL season."

JaMarcus Russell: "There's people out there," Russell said. "Just be careful and watch your surroundings. Watch out, or always carry somebody with you when you go out. Just watch yourself and know that you're representing a whole bunch of people when you're out there."

Lane Kiffin: ""All we can do is educate (players) the best that we can," Kiffin said. "We can't babysit them. ... Not many good things happen after midnight, and this is another example of that, another reminder of how dangerous it is out there."


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am glad you wrote about this because in a typically morbid societal way I wanted to add my two cents.

I am glad Walker is not seriously injured we probably need him this year (It is a little ironic that when I replied to your last blog asking if you had forgot about Walker perhaps some foreshadowing there).

At a lesser level as a human being I am happy he is not seriously injured.

However and it is a big however, Walker has to be one of the biggest dumb asses out there and epitomizes how deranged pro athletes are today

The fact that the guy was out spraying champagne on people after the Darentt Williams death, is beyond bad judgment, it shows his lack of intelligence, maturity and class. I mean come on the guy is 29 not 22.

Yes I know Stabler studied the game plan by the light of the juke box, Tooz was a huge partier and Marcus had many women, but these guys performed and played hard for the Raiders above all else.

Walker was out of shape in the latest mini camp and coming off knee surgery. He is getting un-godly amounts of money and the fool is out at 3:30 in the am dropping 15k on champagne to spray on people. Commitment to Excellence more like commitment to foolishness. Why could Al not have spent his millions on someone like Hutchinson or Steinbach the past few years and not on this clown.

Lastly, not sure if you have been to Vegas but outside of the Pentagon I am not sure there is a place with more cameras per square foot. There is no way on earth someone could even get to a guests room uninvited at 5am never mind beat them up and carry them out of the hotel into a car. It would have been stopped by hotel security and at a minimum on clear video. I hope that report from which credited Walker with that lame excuse is not true, because if that is Walkers version of events he is a lying sob as well.

Final analysis: If he torches Denver for 100 yards and a couple of scores on Sept 8th then all is forgiven----nice world we live in--no?


Florida Raider

4:41 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Excellent points, FL Raider.

Once you get past the natural concern for Walker's well being it quickly shifts to more fan related concerns.

For selfish reasons, I'm genuinely POed that Walker has jeopordized the Raiders success in 2008.

As the #1 WR who banked a $55M contract, where is the sense of loyalty to the team? Where is the dedication to the team and his craft? Where is the committment to his fitness program? Where is the sense of rewarding the team for their faith in him? Where is the discipline to make better life choices ? ... I could go on and on but it really serves no purpose besides venting.

I would love to see Walker turn his life around and become a productive member of the team but I have my doubts about whether this guy truly gets "it".

Although the Raider organization, Walker, and Walker's agent have been attempting spin control, from my vantage point, and when all the facts come out, this story could turn out very ugly for all parties.

My concerns are as follows:

(1) Walker's health; will he be able to resume a normal path to success with the Raiders?

(2) Walker's career; is this the downward spiral of another talented athlete who wastes mulitiple golden opportunities?

(3) The crime case itself; it would seem that Walker showed poor judgment on many levels to include his unconfirmed quote on

We both know that his alledged quote doesn't hold up to any logic ... if he is lying about where he got mugged then what other things involving this case is he lying about?

(4) The unnecessary bad media and distraction that will follow this story/case.

In the next 3 to 7 days I'm sure we will get more credible details so I will reserve formulating any "final" judgments on Walker.

Either a light bulb will go off in this 29 year old man's head and he will truly realize that he needs to change his ways or he will continue his foolish, immature behavior and be an unreliable teammate.

Sad, indeed.

6:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Agree 100%, btw when you vent your grammar does not go downhill like mine.

You make good points about dedication and loyalty. There is no doubt the rAiders have upgraded the talent in the last 24 months but there is still no vetren leadership. That counts the Superbowl team had leaders like Romo, Rod Woodson, Tim Brown etc.

On a lighter note perhaps Walker in his infinite wisdome can play that role. Think about it if Walker can get healthy and become a team leader on offense that would be great for youn guys like D-MAc. He becomes legal drinking age later this year and wouldn't it be wonderful for a vet like Walker to show the young guy the ropes.


Florida Raider

7:40 PM  
Anonymous The Raider said...

Walker was making himself a target that night. . .no doubt about it. He was having one last hurrah, in remembrance of D.W. Jevon never had the big press conferance after his huge signing and a big part of it was because D.W. died in his arms and(recently) Jevon had just wrote a check to finalize the Darrent Williams Foundation for Orphens.

Jevon did show well in drills with J-Russ and seemed to be in better shape than expected, but not in Pre-season shape. July should shake the rust off before that point. He has the game smarts and speed to be a pro-bowler again.

There is a deeper issue here. Forget the story about the room to the street. The worst case could be that although D.W. left behind a great foundation for kids...he rolled with or near criminal minds.

A letter from a gang leader in prison has become the fresh lead for police. The prisoner wrote about the night D.W. was shot through the windows of the limo. I hope Jevon's mugging wasn't some ghetto warning that is linked to D.W.'s death.

I know that is a strange way to think, but we have enough problems with officials and other team ownerships trying to cheat us out of victory.
The last thing we need is more outsiders effecting/infecting a game.

Jevon better play consistently great and super great versus Denver, or something is wrong.

I think we should chill on this topic until pre-season. The man lost a bunch of cash and jewelry, got banged up and rich or not, that sucks!
The positive thing is that it will put him and teamates on high alert (lets hope) and they will stay in after midnight or at least have protection.

According to doctors, he should be good to go.
According to both Kiffin and Lofton, he is on track and clicking with Russell at Mini-Camp/OTAs.
According to me, death and violence in real life should make him stronger than ever!

Go Raiders!

2:51 AM  
Anonymous Tooz 72 said...

Dude should chase supermodels like Tom Brady, not hang with the gangster crowd.

8:10 PM  
Blogger Leighraider said...

I haven't been able to come to a conclusion on this one yet really.THE RAIDER may have a point about the letter relating to the D.W. murder which would put a wholly sinister slant on proceedings, or Walker could have just taken a beating for acting like a big time charlie, and tried to cover his tracks with a , as you point out CJ, bizarre story.Good to see our young QB has more sense too.

2:03 PM  
Blogger kigleigh said...

Cj,it is indeed a bad start for Walker.I know we all hope he turns it around with this opportunity Al has given him and becomes a big-time player for us on the field,rather than a wannabe 'player' off the field.
Tooz,i'd definitely take the supermodel chasing over gangster route too just the way big #72 would do.

3:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Here is the whole story


Florida Raider

6:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Well, the tooz, the snake, the stork, none of them were nuns off the field. hell, the snake smoked on the side-lines & raised more than eyebrows when on a binger. moral character has never been a vetting quality for the silver & black, and not sure why it should be now, committment to ON-FIELD excellence is the determining factor. i saw an old fight with the tooz sittin in the audience next to jack nickolson - he was acting like an idiot. frankly, he was an idiot. but for a few good years he was our idiot raising havoc on the d-line. judge them by their performance for 60 minutes every sunday, and then who cares.
-raider mike - btw, we are going 9-7 this year.

8:12 AM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Miguel: I get your post ... performance on the field is what counts. I totally agree. Where we differ are on a few minor points.

We love guys like Snake & Tooz because they raised hell off the field but were able to channel their focus to playing brilliantly on the field. It is always a fine line. Guys like Snake & Tooz are associated with the Raider glory years and a different era.

Where I take issue with Walker's poor judgment off the field is when you factor in the detrimental consequences to the team's future succcess.

If the Las Vegas incident impairs Walker's ability to get ready for the season, be a true #1 WR, and earn his hefty $55M contract, how will you feel?

I also believe that Walker's poor judgment off the field is a slap in the face to Kiffin, Davis, and his teammates. It is a breach of trust. The margin of error for the Raiders team is paper thin. The team has had 5 consecutive seasons of failure.

All that I'm really trying to suggest is that each man on the 53 man roster is accountable for his off field actions if in fact is impacts their on field performance.

From a selfish, fan's perspective I will be pissed if the Raiders don't possess a dynamic passing attack due to Walker's shennanigans.

Best Fourth of July wishes and happy birthday to Al. Hope you enjoy the holiday.

1:52 PM  

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