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CJ's Top 10 Mock Draft

Calico Jack's Top 10 Mock Draft

I know there are thousands of mock drafts floating around cyberspace. Everyone is an armchair expert on the draft this time of year. My intentions for this post were simply two fold ... first, for fun's sake and secondly, to be on record with my picks for the draft. Nothing more, nothing less. Truth be told ... I could whiff on 8 of the 10 picks and be quite pleased knowing I hit my mark on #1 and #4.

#1 Miami Dolphins: Jake Long (OT, University of Michigan) > Jake signed for 5 years, $57.75M, $30M guaranteed. Jake's contract averages $11.55M per year in comparison to Jamarcus Russell's $10.15M per year contract.

#2 St.Louis Rams: Glenn Dorsey (DT, LSU) > The Rams pick will shape and shift the top half of the draft. Although Chris Long & Vernon Gholston are possible selections here, neither grades out as high as Dorsey.

#3 Atlanta Falcons: Matt Ryan (QB, Boston College) > If Dorsey was available at #3, Ryan would not be the selection. The Blackbirds are in a MAJOR rebuilding mode and need to develop a QB for the long term.

#4 Oakland Raiders: Chris Long (DE, University of Virginia) > Son of Howie (SOH) fills 2 vital needs for the Raiders defense. As an everydown DE, Long is strong at the point of attack which will improve the Raiders biggest weakness, run defense. Chris is a relentless, tireless pass rusher who will be a nice bookend for Derrick Burgess. The best thing about SOH is that he is a "throw back" football player loaded with all the important intangibles to be highly successful: stong work ethic, unbelievable motor, toughness, goal oriented, and very coachable. The Raider Nation will be grinning from ear to ear if SOH dons the Silver and Black jersey in 2008!

#5 Kansas City Chiefs: Vernon Gholston (DE, Ohio State) > With the departure of DE Jared Allen, the Chiefs desperately need to replace him. Gholston has the skill set to become a terrific pass rusher in the NFL.

#6 New York Jets: Darren McFadden (RB, Arkansas) > Run DMc is a big play, offensive game changer who should be a regular on ESPN highlights. If the Raiders didn't have Michael Bush in the wings, McFadden very likely would have been our selection. The Jets game in Oakland this season will have added intrigue as it pits Long vs. McFadden.

#7 New England Patriots: Branden Albert (OG/OT, University of Virginia) > When was the last time UVa had 2 picks in the top 10? If Albert doesn't land here, my guess is Leodis McKelvin (CB, Troy St).

#8 Baltimore Ravens: Leodis McKelvin (CB, Troy St.) > The Ravens were hoping Matt Ryan would fall into their lap but will have to settle for the best QB available in the 2nd round.

#9 Cincinnati Bengals: Sedrick Ellis (DT, USC) > A high value, need selection which is the best of both worlds. The Bengals D is a mess and Ellis will be a solid piece in their rebuilding efforts.

#10 New Orleans: Dominque Rodgers Cromartie (CB, Tenn. St) > New Orleans could be a major wild card on draft day. There were plenty of rumors on the net about the Saints desires to move up to #2 or #3 to snatch up Glenn Dorsey. If the Saints sit tight at #10, I expect the Saints to take Cromartie to improve their secondary.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think there are only two possible picks for the Raiders that make sense: Long or McFadden

I am almost evenly split between the two.

Long seems the safer pick an all round solid DE. Which is a need position. Seeing Long 75 again would be super cool.

Some say we are okay at RB. It may not be a need but I am not excited about our roster at that position. Bush is an unknown, Jordan is gone, Rhodes a backup at best and Fargas had 8 games of slightly better than average play his whole career. I do not want to hear any zone blocking blah blah about not needing a fantastic back. We need TDs and some gambreaking talent on O to go with Russell. Russell and McFadden in the same backfield for 10 years---I like that.

The Pick:

Bottom line down here in Miami I watch a lot of UM/ACC and SEC games. I have seen both Long and McFadden play many times in college. Trust me McFadden is a super star talent with real top NFL speed. Look at these clips and sentiment aside pray to God we pick McFadden

BTW does your mock draft reflect who you want the Raiders to draft you had a post a little while back trumpeting Gholston


Florida Raider

7:43 PM  
Blogger Leighraider said...

I'm fully in the C Long camp too, but we may have the rug pulled from under us by St Louis, although they are rumoured to be leaning towards Dorsey.After listening to Kiffin's press conference I am convinced their list is headed by Long and McFadden.It looks like we are going to try and acquire picks somewhere but I don't see us trading out of fourth spot.

6:54 AM  
Anonymous Todd Shriber said...

Every year, I say this and it never happens, but with the dearth of picks the Raiders are contending with, they need to trade this pick down and acquire a second rounder. McFadden would be useless behind the stinky line we have. - Todd Shriber

2:26 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Florida Raider: My pick is partly with my heart and partly with my brain. When I posted about Gholston it seemed like a foregone conclusion that the Fins would take Long. It now looks like there is a 50/50 chance we will have the opportunity/chance to take Long. It seems to boil down to 3 distinct scenarios;

(1) Take Long (if available)
(2) Take McFadden (if Long is selected by the Rams)
(3) Trade down

All 3 scenarios seem probable. It will be an interesting draft.

10:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


YOu want Gholsten over McFadden?


Florida Raider

7:08 AM  
Blogger kigleigh said...

Good effort CJ,and some psychic ability shown predicting that you would whiff on 8 out of the 10 picks mate, lol
That makes me feel better,as 2 out of 10 is usually my kind of score,even when we get spotted 1 for free..
Still dissapointed that we didn't get Chris Long BUT hoping my dissapointment fades when DMC starts ripping through AFC Defences this season.
Bring it on and GO RAIDERS........

2:53 AM  

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