Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another Target for #2

Yesterday the Raiders had the type of free agent signing that received very little fanfare but is the type of acquistion that should have a positive impact. Signing WR Drew Carter to a 1 year, $2M contract was a prudent move.

One of the key areas of the team to address for the upcoming 2008 season is the WR position. Prior to free agency, the Raiders' WR depth chart was devoid of any proven performers with the exception of Ronald Curry. WR Drew Carter has been in the league 4 years but in a limited role. In his first season in the NFL (2004), Carter was shelved with an ACL injury. Last season as a 3rd WR for Carolina, Carter was fairly productive (38 receptions, 517 yards, 13.6 avg, 4 TDs). Carter is a versatile, athletic, physical WR (6'3", 200 lbs) with excellent speed (4.35 40).

Adding Carter to Ronald Curry (6'2", 210 lbs) and Javon Walker (6'3", 215 lbs) gives us 3 big targets that JaMarcus Russell can utilize in 3 WR, 1 back sets. When the Raiders go the 3 WR set, I envision Curry moving to the slot. Curry and Carter can be rotated in the pro set (2 WR, 2 backs).

If the Raiders can add one of the top WRs in the early 2nd round of the draft, this is how I would project the WR Depth Chart:

1. Javon Walker > the most talented WR in the group when healthy.

2. Ronald Curry > excellent possession WR; adept at finding the soft spots in a zone coverage

3. Drew Carter > good downfield threat for Russell

4. Early Doucet > (LSU) would be a solid 2nd round choice; talented all around WR.

5. Johnnie Lee Higgins > 2nd year WR in developmental stage of career; big play potential

6. Chris McFoy vs. Will Buchannon > let the best former USC WR battle it out for the final spot.


Anonymous The Raider said...

There is no doubt that Mr.Davis is making the best moves possible with free agents.

Receivers were the most signed position this off season. Carter was a the top ten UFA. One must understand, that the team is looking at youth, height and speed. Carter was the best choice available. I look forward in seeing big plays from him all season long.

I see him resigning after his one year is up, but if not, there is a fella by the name of Roy Williams that will be looking for a new home next year.

For now, I wonder if Bryant Johnson is even a thought. At this point I doubt it, but a depth chart with his name or a tall and speedy second round pick sounds like an excellent way to start mini-camp.

I wonder whats taking the Newberry resigning so long? Is Grove a bust or back in the starting roll?
The only UFA center that is available and fits the Raider mould is Mike Flanagan (former texan).
He is a solid vet that could help Grove, and Morris by sharing time. Maybe he can sign a one year deal as well. I still wouldn't mind Tom Cable's boy "Newbz" back for a second run.

Resigning Green and adding the biggest, young free agent tackle; Harris, was the best move possible. All the other free agents were either old, or too short to play Raider football. Every inch matters when protecting J-Roc. All of our tackles are 6'7"

There is not much to think about for guards, but I think that Carlisle, Gallery and McQuistan have worked well in the middle along side Newberry.
Some will say those four led the team with penalties, but more than half of those calls were BS.

I'm not sure how deep the draft is with O-Lineman, but with the awesome choices of D-Lineman this April, The Raiders must polish their D-Line with the best available DE or DT. That is including if Kevin Carter signs.

All I know is that we can not trade out of such a hot spot in the draft at this massive turning point.

3:32 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

As usual, the FA period has been pretty active for the Raidas. It's kind of ironic given that we didn't even think the lights were on at HQ. And for all the money.... I, myself, have thought about driving past HQ in hopes of finding a couple stray twenties or fifties floating around.

wrt WR, I like the exchange of Porter for Walker and Carter. However, looking beyond our top three, we definitely need more depth. A.Carrol reported in his commentary today that Higgins had four fumbles last year (lost two). That's pretty alarming considering his minimal number of touches (rec and PR), even worse than J. Morant (who?).

The draft seems to offer several prototypical, big, athletic WRs this year, and Doucet fits that mold. The real advantage picking him might be that he and Russell have some familiarity playing together.

Right now, my wish list includes signing a FA DE, drafting the best available DE at #4 (Long over Gholston), then using our 2nd pick on the best available WR, e.g., Doucet.

With Cable's zone blocking, we should be able to shore up our line depth in middle/late rounds, and even with undrafted FAs.

5:52 AM  
Blogger sactownraiderfan said...

Drew Carter is a young guy entering his prime. This was a great pickup for us.

The first two picks in our draft have to be starters. I consider the third wide out a starter. Is Doucet or any of the top 5 in this draft going to be in OUR top 3? I don't think so.

I think the smart move is to Draft Chris long or Gholston first. Then an outside linebacker second.

But, You know Al Davis will pick Mcfadden first and then go D-line second. It would be fun to have Mcfadden I must admit!

Plus, With Mcfadden we would have four guys we could trade for more picks or even Deangelo Hall. Jordan, Fargas, Walter, and Fabian.

10:29 AM  
Blogger Leighraider said...

We have got legitimate speed and size at WR all of a sudden, the FA moves so far give us a range of options come the draft too.Despite some of the sky is falling attitudes from a few weeks ago, the staff has done a good job this off-season and the roster especially on offense will be much improved in 2008.

10:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pretty good stuff with the FA this year, shored up nicely some holes -- still believe that our biggest Draft needs are O-Line, DT, WR, am praying that with Fargas, Bush and Rhodes we dont draft a high RB, first pick gotta be D-Line! Call me crazy, but I think we are going to have one of the best defensive back-fields in the nfl next season (*pending resolution of point below).

Lastly, FA and Draft are important, but our most important piece of business is solidifying our gains and consistency with our Coaching staff -- if Kiff aint happy and on board, its going to be a lost season (and all these moves are for naught).

2:47 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...


I saw this and knew you would like to see it also....Just look who's name is in this news report....

The Raiders last week received permission to speak with Hall's agent, Joel Segal, about the prospect of a deal that would satisfy the Falcons, the Raiders and Hall. By week's end, Hall was in Alameda at the Raiders' training facility for a physical and meetings with managing general partner Al Davis, Coach Lane Kiffin and defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, among others.

Did you notice the name "Kiffin" in this news report....


7:59 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

I'm glad to hear about Kiffin's involvement in the team's fortune ... however, I don't see the wisdom in bringing in DeAngelo Hall. There are far more important areas to upgrade and spend our available cap dollars on.

10:39 PM  
Blogger kigleigh said...

Still dreaming of C.Long at 4,if/when he's already gone then Gholston IMO.I agree having DMc would be exciting and put more points on the board,BUT,if we don't add to the D-line and put more hits/pressure on the QB our DBs will be asked to cover for too long again and even Nnamdi can't cover for 15 seconds.Guys,the Giants just won a SB with a dominatint D-line.It's time to draft for NEED not speed.

4:40 AM  
Anonymous The Raider said...

Davis builds teams around solid corners.
That is his style. Most look at the QB or even lineman, but a shut down...two shut down corners would be awesome. I'm still big on Routt and I like the fact that Bowie is that speedy corner that could hopefully fill a void if need be. Fabian has been burned way too often. Most of that is because of size miss matches, but If Fabian stays out of trouble, this is still his last year to prove himself.

Adding D.Hall would be the most solid move.
Nnamdi's numbers were down last year because qbs simply were coached to stay away from his side all together. With one of the other elite corners in recent years (Hall) what are the opponents going to do?

I want a solid second round WR pick just as much as most people, but how can anyone pass up DeAngelo Hall, when he is in his prime?

The other incentive, is the fact that Chad Johnson is going to be available next year. DeAngelo is number 85s good friend. If you look around the league, a lot of coaches give contracts to people they know and trust. Just like most is who you know that gets you in the door.

Did you notice the nfl network picked the fat ass Ratto to comment on the state of the franchise episode on the Raiders? He is only the biggest Al Davis hatter in the writting world. He ALWAYS has been. Of course they put the jackass on right after they (as always) smeared the screen with the team record of the last 5 years. A lot of it is not worth taking my time to write about, but my point is:

Let them do there thing and rekindle the recent past on false Kiffin/anti-Davis reports.
Meanwhile, Let us keep stocking up so we can do our thing and win!

11:55 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...


I agree about the way "MrD" builds his "D"...But he has also built his "O" around a "RB" when he had the option to do so....As in "BO" and Allan who played at times for very weak ass-ed "QB"s but still did a very fine job...They took the heat off the "QB" and even made them look good...

Of course in the mix was also some very good "WR"s-n-"TE"s and that is also key to the Raiders success...Last year we added the "QB"-n-"TE"-n-"RB" bush for the power-back....Now we add the "Scat-Back" in "Run DMc"...What a package that will be...Exciting Football again in OakTown....

Next year we can finish the package with a true #1 "WR"....


12:37 PM  

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