Saturday, January 05, 2008

2007 Statistical Summary

Offensive Category

Yards per Game294.825
Rushing yards per game130.46
Passing yards per game164.631
Avg. run per carry4.111
Completion %57.625
Time of Possession31:097
Sacks Allowed4122
3rd Down Conversion



Defensive Category

Yards per Game341.631
Rushing yards per game145.931
Passing yards per game195.88
Avg. run per carry4.832
Completion %59.511
3rd Down Conversion39.013
Sacks Created2728
Turnover Differential



Special Teams Category

Oakland Rank
Kick Coverage22.4 15
Punt Coverage11.127
Kick Returns21.625
Punt Returns5.531
Punting Net Average41.11
Field Goal Percentage71.929

Here is a breakdown of Sea-Bass' field goal kicking.

FG Yardage

1-19 yards0 / 0n/a
20-29 yards4 / 4100%
30-39 yards6 / 785.7%
40-49 yards7 / 1070%
50+ yards6 / 1154.5%


Anonymous Tooz 72 said...

Well, except for offense, defense and special teams, we had an OK season.

The 5 year overhaul limps into year 6.

That said, I think we finally have an answer at QB. JaMRuss should season well this spring and summer. I look forward to seeing him next year. Too bad we don't have that guy that went to New England in 07 anymore. I heard he had an OK year there. It would have been nice to have him or someone of his caliber groom our little rookie.

There are other notable problems on O, but a healthy, seasoned JaMRuss should help. Let's get him 2 new WR's who can catch. I don't care who we let go to make room as long as it isn't Curry. Keep Huggy Jr. Dump Jordan. Maybe gut a lineman, hang his carcass at the entrance to the practice facility as a warning to the rest.

Special teams needs a total overhaul from coach to waterboy except Lechler and maybe Seabass, but 2008 will be a keep or toss year for Seabass.

The D, my God what happened to the D? Based on 06, I say we keep Ryan around, but put him on the Seabass plan in 08. Huff on same plan. Either that or someone, hello?, take him off TE coverage. With Sapp gone we need to find a good plug. I'm as sentimental about SOH as anyone. Bring him on!

I wish I paid as much attention to the draft as the rest of you guys. I'd have better answers then!

CJ, how about a few good off season columns to keep us focused?

8:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

seemed to me that when Coop was suspended is when our special teams went to crap.
then when he came back, we shut down the bears, kicking to hester each time and smothering him.
then Coop got hurt and we started giving up run backs.

10:47 AM  
Blogger RaiderCat said...

"Well, except for offense, defense and special teams, we had an OK season."

The lone bright spot we showed on Special Teams came during the week of the Chicago game.

"We're going to kick to Hester," Kiffin announced.

I recall thinking, "Great, Kif'. Give 'em fuel - let's fire them up!" I was wrong.

Then, when the Broncos tried it 2 wks later and failed (2 returned TDs!), it was "Hilarious!!"

Due to a terrible season, though, that accomplishment was quickly forgotten. (sigh...)

12:53 PM  
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