Monday, November 19, 2007

Too Much SeaBass Is Not Healthy

Vikings 29 - Raiders 22
In another "close but no cigar" game played by the Raiders, this one can be explained very succinctly. The difference in this game is that the Raiders had ample opportunities deep inside Minnesota territory but failed to capitalize. On 5 of 6 scoring drives, the Raiders settled for field goals instead of touchdowns. Raiders kicker SeaBass trotted out on to the field to convert field goals of 42, 30, 42, 49,and 52 yards.

The Raiders defense created 4 turnovers in the 1st half alone which led to only 9 points. During the game, the Raiders offense stalled at the Minnesota 24, 12, 24, 31, and 35 yard lines. Within striking range of paydirt, mental errors and poor execution led to each drive dissolving.

FG Drive #1: Raiders begin drive at Oak 47 off of fumble. On 2nd and 6, and 3rd and 16, Culpepper is sacked. Drive stalls at Minn 24 yard line.

FG Drive #2: Raiders begin drive at Minn 14 off of fumble. On 1st and 10, Gallery is penalized for Illegal Man Downfield. 1st and 15, short run by Fargas. 2nd and 12, incomplete pass. 3rd and 12, short Fargas run. Drive stalls at Minn 12 yard line.

FG Drive #3: Raiders begin drive at Oak 32. 2nd and 4, incomplete pass. 3rd and 4, incomplete pass. Drive stalls at Minn 24 yard line.

FG Drive #4: Raiders begin drive at Minn 46 off of fumble. This drive started with only :46 left on the clock. 1st and 10, run by Fargas for -1. 2nd and 11, incomplete pass. 3rd and 11, 15 yard complete to Fargas. Drive stalls at Minn 31 with :03 left on the clock before half time.

FG Drive #5: Raiders begin drive at Oak 8. 1st and 10, incomplete pass. 2nd and 10, 8 yard completion to Miller. 3rd and 2, Penalty on Carlisle, False Start. 3rd and 7, Culpepper scrambles for 4 yards. Drive stalls at Minn 38.

5 drives inside the Minn 35 yard line. 5 Field Goals. Convert 2 of these 5 drives into TDs and the net difference is 8 points. The Raiders lost by 7. Would any Raider fan honestly care about Chester Taylor racking up 164 yards on the ground if the Raiders win 30 to 29? The point is that if the Raiders offense capitalizes on the 4 turnovers created by the defense in the 1st half then we are celebrating a robust offense and aggressive defense. Instead of a 19 to 19 half time score, how does 27 to 19 sound? Until this offense learns to take advantage of these scoring opportunities when they present themselves, this will continue to be a fruitless 'if, would, could, should' exercise.

Play of the Day: An amazing, acrobatic 49 yard leaping grab by Ronald Curry between 2 defenders. Curry wrestled the ball away from FS Sharper.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am suprised you focused on the O compared to previosu games we did not do too bad. I was amazed how bad the D was if we did not have a plus 3 in turnovers the Vikings owuld have put up 40 plus points on us. I know the Vikes o-line is one of the best but that was flat out embarrasing.

Every game I get more dismayed it seems the team has a lot of holes to fix. In my opinion the lines are the priority Culpepper was under pressure the entire day, and the d-line was a joke.

I love the Raiders but this is a sad state of affairs. In 31 years of being a fan I do not think I have ever felt such little hope, just due to the fact there are so many holes to plug J-Russ aside hopefully. To end on a positive note I still like Kiff

Thansk for the blog

Florida Raider

11:16 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

It's interesting, Calico. I've been listening to Kiffin's interviews on the post game shows, and his press conferences. He's of the opinion, and I'm beginning to agree, that the majority of our problems still stem from the OL.

He attributes the defenses propensity of get out of position on the D being frustrated with the lack of scoring, and leaving their assignments (and common sense) to go make plays. For instance, Nhamdi didn't think the INT was enough - he felt he needed a TD, so he manages to get himself tackled on the 3.

I've seen fans on the verge of lynching Davis, burning the headquarters, and leveling the HOT, so I can understand the frustration that must be on some of the members of the team itself.

Last week the D showed me what they can do if everyone carries out their assignments. Convince them that all they have to do is stay at home, and they should be fine, but nobody can convince them to stay at home unless the offense puts up points.

So you're right to focus on our offense when so many, this week, have decided to put the focus back on the D.

The mistakes seem to be coming from two primary sources, the OL and QB ball control. Russell might take care of one problem, but the OL is going to take some work, considering that you replace the clinkers but then you have give them some playing time together.

Granted that we need another WR and some help on the D-Line. But I think, by and large, it still all comes back to the OL.

Love your insights, buddy.

4:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just cannot go on anymore. The past five years have just been a total nightmare.

5:57 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Florida Raider & Blanda Rocked:

Thanks for stopping by S&BF. I enjoy reading your viewpoints.

Let me share the reasons I focused on our offensive shortcomings instead of the more obvious problems on D.

As I was watching the game, especially in the 1st half when the D created 4 turnovers, I had this knawing feeling eating me up. As the 1st half is playing out, in the back of my mind I'm saying "Now is the time to capitalize on these turnovers and build a lead." Instead we go into half at 19 apiece.

Each series that resulted in a SeaBass FG was a wasted opportunity. The Raiders were within a play or 2 of either sustaining the drive and/or getting into the end zone. 5 offensive series inside the Minnosta 35 yard line. 5 FGs.

Case in point is the time the Raiders recover a fumble at the Minnesota 14 yard line. It is moments like this where the offense needs to fire on all cylinders and get into the end zone.

So while many in the media and blogs alike were focusing on the Raiders poor run defense, I honestly belived that the Raiders offense squandered numerous opportunities to:
(a) build a lead
(b) change the dynamic of the game
(c) reward the D by scoring more TDs and less FGs.

To Anonymous 5:57 >>> I share your disappointment of being a fan of a team that has played so poorly the last 5 years. If your heart isn't in it during the rough times, I guess is it time for you to throw in the towel. Once Kiffin turns this thing around and Russell starts tearing apart opposing D's should we expect you to change your tune? That my friend would be the definition of a 'bandwagon fan'.

7:07 PM  
Anonymous Tooz 72 said...


Anonymous 5:57 sounds like a familiar breed -- the Niner fan. In the 70s before Montana showed up, you couldn't find anyone who admitted to being an SF fan. Same thing now. My office is trying to give up its season tickets, and there isn't a fan left in NoCal. It's a terrible disease, and so perfect for - and a part of - the Niners experience. A bunch of wine and cheese types who only root for a winner, and who lack the fortitude to dig deep and make it through hard times.

He and the rest of the Niners fans who stop by here should pound sand back to their aromatherapy yoga sessions.

The Raiders will rise again. I personally think it may not happen until Big Al goes to the end zone in the sky. But even if it is sooner, two things are certain -- 1) The Silver and Black will rise again! and 2) Niners fans will always be soft, weak, spineless and altogether useless.

1:28 PM  

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