Saturday, April 28, 2007

Raiders 2007 Draft Picks

Oakland Raiders 2007 Draft Scorecard


Player/Position College
1 / 1JaMarcus Russell (QB)LSU
2 / 38Zach Miller (TE)Arizona St
3 / 65Quentin Moses (DE)Georgia
3 / 91Mario Henderson (OT)FSU
3 / 99Johnnie Lee Higgins (WR)UTEP
4 / 100Michael Bush (RB)Louisville
4 / 110John Bowie (CB)Cincinnati
5 / 138Jay Richardson (DE)Ohio St.
5 / 165Eric Frampton (SS)Wash St.
6 / 175Orenthal O'Neal (FB)Arkansas St.
7 / 254Jonathan Holland (WR)Louisiana Tech

Scouting Reports: (click on each name)
JaMarcus Russell
Zach Miller
Quentin Moses
Mario Henderson
Johnnie Lee Higgins
Michael Bush
John Bowie
Jay Richardson
Eric Frampton
Jonathan Holland


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael Bush is a keeper. Jeff

8:03 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Bush could be the steal of the century with our 4th round pick. Before breaking his leg, he was a Heisman/Top 5 talent.

8:22 PM  
Anonymous Tooz 72 said...

Thank you, God, thank you. I haven't felt this good about a pick in ages. The team finally has a legitimate player to build around.

8:38 PM  

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