Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Yin & Yang

The Raiders defensive and offensive units are close to being the complete opposites. The differences in performance and confidence are like night and day. The Raider Nation is rightfully proud of our defensive Dogs of War but at the same time thoroughly disgusted with the offense. The players on the defensive side of the ball are executing with precision, passion, and pride. Defensive Coordinator Ryan has been brilliant in devising schemes, making adjustments, motivating, and coaching the personnel to play at a very high level as evident by the statistical breakdown below.

Defensive Category

Oak (Rank)NFL Leader
Scoring20.2 / (14)12.5 / Chicago
Yards per Game275.8 / (3)267.4 / Baltimore
Rushing yards per game132.8 /(25)58.8 / Minnesota
Passing yards per game143.0 / (1)143.0 / Oakland
Turnovers Created18 / (28)39 / Chicago
Sacks27 / (14)44 / San Diego
3rd Down Conversion

33.3% / (5)

28.1% / Chicago

Unfortunately the Raiders offense hasn't followed suit. For a wide range of reasons, the offense hasn't been able to gain any traction or sustain any continuity in order to achieve a respectable level of productivity. Throughout the 07 season, the offense has had major breakdowns whether it was through inconsistent QB play, poor pass protection, untimely turnovers, red zone inefficiency, unsound playcalling, inopportune penalties, and an overall lack of execution. When one deficiency improves or is corrected (ie. the playcalling vs. Houston), another area slips (5 turnovers). One of the main reasons that the Raiders don't have a respectable record is the complete collapse of the offense in the 2nd half. The statistics below are a glaring illustration of the magnitude of this ineptitude. It is mind-numbing to realize that the Raiders have not scored in 10 of the 12 4th quarters. In 6 of 12 games, the Raiders offense has been completely shut out in the 2nd half. After 12 games, the offense has scored only 2 touchdowns in the 2nd half and scored a grand total of 26 points.


3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
San Diego00
San Francisco07
Kansas City00
San Diego70


Anonymous Tooz 72 said...

On the Deja Vu post, someone asked who to keep on offense. Here is the answer: Fargas, Crockett, Jordan (if healthy), and Madsen. Out of a roster of about 27, that means total overhaul time. It also means the damage is done with Porter and Moss, so they are toast.

In terms of priority, the O line comes first. Montana would be cut bait if he had this line. This style of line play forced Young out of the game with concussions. Heck, we could even keep our QBs another year and really have a chance to evaluate them if we just had a line.

10:28 PM  
Blogger R-8-er Mike said...

CJ, I like the zen analysis, perhaps we need to hire Phil Jackson as a coach.
Tooz, I agree that an "overhaul" is in order, but I am optimistic that it does not have to be as massive as you suggest. I absolutely agree that O-Line is the first matter to attend to, starting with the coaches. I think we have some raw talent (ie., McNasty, Boothe, Slaughter), they need coaching, and perhaps some steady, surly, senior role-model to act as the bedrock (eg., the 9'ers grabbing Larry Allen). I think its time to grab a new RB however with our draft (a la Bush), I would not want to see either Jordan (just doesn't have what it takes) or Crockett (he is just running out of juice) back next year.... I would keep Fargas, but he cannot hold up as the solo, full-time back. We have plenty of receivers even without moss and porter. Upgrade at tight end (for god's sake get rid of williams), and keep Walters and Brooks one more year to see if they can perform with a legitimate O-line.
that's all i want for christmas.

12:59 AM  
Blogger raiderdecoachella said...

Hey Calico I did not know you had a take, this is well done, you should be a newspaper reporter.
Excellent work, it doesn't degrade but it speaks the truth, I love it!

12:11 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Tooz 72: In regards to your list of who to keep, how dare you leave my favorite player (Ron Curry) off your list!

r-8-er mike: I agree with you on your points about an offensive overhaul.

raidercoachella: I have always enjoyed reading your views on Raider Takes's blog. I hope you will become a regular visitor to Silver and Black Forever!

2:13 PM  

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