Monday, December 04, 2006

Deja' Vu

For the Raiders defense, this game against the Texans was a bad case of Deja’ Vu. Although the final score was Texans 23 – Raiders 14, the Texan offensive unit only earned 3 points. While the Raiders offense fumbled (3), bumbled (inopportune penalties), and threw the ball to players wearing Texan jerseys (2 INTS), the special teams units clanked (3 missed FGs) and whiffed (73 yard kick off return; 58 yard punt return).

What more could the Raiders defense possibly do to secure a victory? The Raiders defense held the Texans to 10 total 1st downs, 124 total net yards, 51 plays, and a net –5 yards passing. The Raiders D-Line accounted for 5 sacks and 3 fumbles. Kirk Morrison recovered a fumble caused by Warren Sapp just before the end of the 1st half for a TD. Some observers of the game might argue that the defense wasn’t stout against the run late in the game when Dayne compiled most of his 95 yards. Follow my math below and let me know if you still want to make that point about the rush defense.

- Raiders RB RaShard Lee fumbles the ball > scooped up for a 58 yard fumble recovery TD > (-7 points)
- Raiders ball on the HOU 37 > Brooks INT > (possible FG; -3 points) (-10 total)
- Sack by Burgess recovered by Huntley > HOU 29 > 3-out > Missed 53 yd FG > (-3 points) (-13 total)
- 1st play of 2nd half > 72 yard kick off return by Mathis to Raider 2 yard line > 1st play 2 yard run for TD > (-7 points) (-20 total)
- 37 yard FG attempt by Sea-Bass > Clank off left upright > (-3 points) (-23 total)
- 29 yard FG attempt by Sea-Bass > Deja’ Vu 2 > Clank off left upright > (-3 points) (-26 total)
- 58 yard punt return by Texans to Oak 21 > 42 yard FG by Texans > (-3 points) (-29 total)
- TE Williams fumbles ball after catch > Hou recovers at OAK 47 > leads to FG > (-3 points) (-32 total)

The only drive that the Texans actually "earned" their points without any gift wrapping by the Raiders offense or Special Teams was a drive in the 3rd quarter that started on HOU 20 and led to a 41 yard FG.

By my calculations, the Raiders offense gave away 13 possible points and the Special Teams units gave away 19 points. Convert your FG attempts, secure the football, and play sound football on the coverage teams. I realize this is an extreme "what if" extrapolation but instead of a 23-14 loss, this game should have been a blow-out of Raiders 26 - Texans 3.

I’m truly amazed watching our Defense lay it on the line week after week in a season filled with little to zero support from the offensive unit. Hopefully one day in the near future the offense will tell the Defense “Hey guys…we got you covered.”


Anonymous raider00 said...


Can someone explain to me why this Randall Williams was signed to a contract extension during the season ??

What Ahole is judging the talent for the Raiders ??
Did they really think they found a gem with this loser ??

Will this be the latest clown hanging around forever, with a death grip on a roster spot, killing the Raiders season, after season ??

Please tell me no !!!!!!

11:25 PM  
Blogger x said...

Defense is playing great (#3 overall), but let's not keep blinders on and not improve the run D. It is perhaps the only weakness on defense and will be exploited more in the future.

Offensive impotency aside, why did the dang Special Teams decide to play their worst game of the season Sunday? Without those two returns, Raiders win.

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I hate to say but the Raiders are the worst team in the NFL. Who else can loose a game where the opponent has negative passing yards.

CJ, do you have any interest in seeing Shell come back? I don't and I loved the guy as a great player but let's face facts.

1. Art Shell was never a great x&o coach even in his first go round with the Raiders and the game has become vastly more complicated
2. What Shell lacked in football acumen he made up for in being a leader of men, but nowadays he seems clueless in this area. Let's consider
1. Jerry Porter yes he is a punk but Shell handled the situation poorly at best
2. Rand Moss as big a jerk as Porter but Shell has not said a peep while Randy trashes the Raiders on a weekly basis on his radio show---doule standard big time
3. Tom Walsh---nuff said
4. Shell's latest tantrum about Lombardi being a rat----man that was truly bizzare, not too mention a huge distraction
5. Irv Eatmen, Jackie Slater---nuff said

I do not want to hear Shell is putting his system in place or weeding out the bad apples---that is a load of crap---see Randy Moss above, bottom line Shell has no control of the team or respect from the players. Unfortunately he will probably get another year from Al. The only positive in bringing Shell in was to change the culture etc. he has failed miserably at this so why keep him I say.

Let's face it the Raiders were better last year under Norv Turner with the exception of the D.

4-12, 5-11, 4-12, 2-10 life in Raider Nation is awful. The loosing does not phase me anymore how sad is that. There is nothing positive to say about the team except for a good young D, the team has completely lost their identity, has no leadership and has question marks at every position on the offense. CJ, can you think of one player with the exception of Curry and maybe Boothe who you would consider a keeper on O.

Things are so bad that Jerry Porter looks like a fortune teller when he pined for Mike Martz at the beginning of the season; we have turned Porter into a sympathetic character---unbelievable.

It pains me to say it but The Raiders are the laughing stock of the NFL. My suggestions are the following:

1. New Coach
2. Trade or cut Porter and Moss
3. Sign or draft one impact D-linemen
4. Sign Chris Simms
5. Draft heavily on offense
6. Pray

What radical surgery would you suggest?

Sorry for the rant but I needed to get it out


Florida Raider

1:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your soooo right. Our once beloved Raiders are now just a bad joke, How far we have fallen.

4:23 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Brilliant breakdown!

Even with the offense handing the Texans field position, and even with some solid runs by Dayne, the Texans did not score a touchdown on our defense. The two touchdowns, as you note, were a byproduct of the offense and special teams. Our defense did give up some field goals. Holding your opponent to field goals is a recipe for victory - unless you're relying on the Raiders offense.

Florida Raider, we need a heavy dose of #6 at this rate!

6:07 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Raider 00 - No doubt R.Williams had a bad day but I think he is still a work in progress that has some value to the team for 3 TE sets, TE depth, and as a special teams contributor. The reason he was able to walk on to the Cowboys roster and stick with the Cowboys was because he was one of their better special teams player.

X - I would like to see us draft a run stuffing DT or sign one in free agency. Eventually I would like to see Huff switched to his more natural position (FS) and finding a replacement at SS (Bing or in the draft). Even with the O laying an egg, without the ST breakdowns we would have notched a "W".

Florida Raider - I would encourage you to start your own blog. You make some very good points. Our required "surgery" needs to be comprehensive and multi-faceted. There needs to be a coherent plan from an organizational, coaching, and player personnel standpoint that will address our ails.

Although I have been disappointed with the way Shell has handled some of the issues you mentioned, I want him back. I still believe in his leadership abilities. I also think the players respect him. For the most part the culture of the Raiders locker room has in fact been changed dramatically over the past few months. This is evident in the minimal finger pointing and the overall effort of the team in each and every game.

The Raiders can turn things around in 07 by rebuilding our offensive unit and have a capable OC (Shoop or otherwise). If Lombardi was in fact the leaking Rat, the Raiders need to beef up the player personnel dept. I was wondering if Ron Wolf would come out of retirement to rejoin the Raiders.

Finally, as far as the offensive unit, every position/player should be evaluated and scrutinized. It will need to be a combination of prudent trades, drafting, free agency signings, cuts, and reassignments.

RT - As far as I'm concerned, the D only gave up 3 points. The 2 touchdowns and the other 2 FGs were handed on a silver platter coutesy of 2 fumbles and 2 ST breakdowns.

7:07 PM  

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