Saturday, November 04, 2006

Moss Gets It

Moss on how players' outlook has changed: "Now guys understand (that) things around here are going to be one way and that's it. Guys are now trying to buy in to whatever Coach is selling. It's a good vibe in the air, and we're just looking forward to coming to work." To go to Randy Moss' official website, (click here).


Anonymous raider00 said...

Randy Moss is a hard person to understand.
Back when Shell was first hired, Moss seemed to be the first player to buy into the new program.
But then the season started, and the ball wasn't coming his way enough, so Moss began to sulk, and say destructive things on the radio.
In the middle of all this, Moss engaged in a war of words he could only lose, with the great Howie Long.
Now, Moss is happy again as the Raiders ride a 2 game win streak, and help arrives with Porter back on the field.
Right now the sun is shining in Randy's world, so now he wants to lead again.
If things go bad Monday in Seattle, the black clouds may return to Randy, and the destuctive behavior won't be far behind.
He will then suspend being a leader again, to go back to complaining on the radio.

Moss...Moody man.

6:04 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Raider 00 - You are exactly right about Moss being difficult to figure out. Moss is a complex character. He is a team guy but can act immature and emotional when dealing with the media. Moss is a positive person when the team is doing well but can be somewhat schizo when the team is struggling or facing adversity. He really isn't a true leader but does have the ability to inspire his team with his athletic prowess.

8:39 PM  
Anonymous Tooz 72 said...

Best Raiders/Seahawks game ever featured Bo Jackson steamrolling Brian Bosworth.

Latest defense nickname that is perfect but I fear won't work: The Daisy Cutters. Look it up at

Maybe at least it could be a defensive formation used on all third down situations. "All right guys, the Seahawks are third and 5. Let's drop BLU-82 on them."

6:05 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

It's a shame that the Blu-82 wasn't more effectively used by the USAF against the Taliban & Al Queada.

War/military references are always in the running for a good defensive unit nickname. I also would think it would be ideal to come up with a pirate related reference as a nickname. To date, my favorite suggested nickname was "The Skull Patrol" which is similar to the 70's secondary unit called the Soul Patrol.

8:36 PM  
Blogger x said...

Moss: I don't get him.

I don't believe that "he gets it". Wishful thinking. Hope so, but am not expecting him to stay shiny and happy people.

I do also think this tone is coming from the 2 game win streak. Let's watch him the rest of the season. Already, in the Seattle debacle, he was being his moody self, lounging on the sideline (this before he started seeing more of the ball....and dropping it).

9:33 PM  

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