Sunday, June 04, 2006

Straight Talk

Since Art Shell was named Head Coach of the Oakland Raiders, the message and goal for the team has been very clearly communicated. It has been brilliant in it’s simplicity and directness. The essence of Shell’s straight forward message is that the Raiders are going to be a hard-nosed football team that is held accountable for its actions. The goal is to play for a championship.

The Message:
"I expect to be a tough football team," Shell said. "When you walk out there, when you walk into that stadium, you walk out there with a presence. Mr. Davis (Al, managing general partner) called it a swagger. Yeah, a swagger."
"Everybody's doing the right thing. Everybody's held accountable for our actions and what we do. That's the only way you'll be successful is to be held accountable” Warren Sapp
"There's an emphasis on individual accountability. If something is done wrong on the field, we repeat and correct it." Adam Treu (10 year Raider veteran)
The Goal:
Shell is already preparing his team for success and talking in terms of championships.
"I said to them ... it doesn't matter what anyone thinks outside these walls. It's what we believe in. That's what counts," Shell said. "We believe we can win if you prepare. I keep saying it. If you visualize being successful, we can get it done."
"There's nothing wrong with talking about it," Shell said. "I'm not going to soft sell the championship. Every team in the National Football League wants to play in the Super Bowl. So, hey, why not us?"
"They know I have three Super Bowl rings," Shell said. "I played in two and coached in one, so I understand what it takes to win and what we have to do in order to get there. So we have their attention ... and they want to win. They're tired of losing."
"I know how to win," Shell said. "I know how to lead. I expect that we will have the kind of success that this organization deserves."
The smile of Art Shell in this photo says it all. Art Shell is home again.
“It feels great. The main thing, like I told the team, is that it feels great to get back out there and smell the grass again and be out there among the players. There’s nothing like being out there among the players at practice, and I’m looking forward to the games coming up.”
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sweet article. Art Shell is going to make a huge difference to our team. His attitude and discipline alone will work wonders. Plus he just looks good in Silver and Black.

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