Friday, May 05, 2006

Rookie Defenders - Photo of the Week

It might be Day 1 of mini-camp but there is a surging post-draft, positive buzz stirring in the Raider Nation. The photo above (Left to right, Thomas Howard, Darnell Bing, Michael Huff) gave me goose bumps. To see more photos (click here). Also, be sure to view Raider Take's 5/5 blog entry (click here) that documents the new cult following of one of our new favorite Raiders, Paul McQuistan. It has only been 6 short days since McQ was drafted and he has been tagged with numerous nicknames. The instant fascination with McQ is interesting by itself since no one knew this guy before the draft. However as the Raider Nation dug deep and researched McQ, he is beginning to cause quite a commotion. Is it the early stages of the legend of Braveheart McNasty? Only time will tell but it looks to be a fun ride.


Blogger frkyraider said...

with all the McNasty hype i feel that we are kind of overlooking a very nice talent that we aquired in the 2nd round and at a very big position of need. i don't think it will take long for thomas to be installed into the starting lineup. people say that sam williams will start there, i say he can't stay on the field long enuff to make an impact. that won't be a problem with howard. he's got the speed and is a very willing hitter. i like this kid alot more than i'm seeing any love around the RAIDER NATION. i'm wondering why.

8:50 AM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

frkyraider - For whatever reasons, the Raider Nation has been captivated by McNasty. I wouldn't take it the wrong way. There is plenty of Raider love to go around. I'm also very excited about our 2nd round selection Thomas Howard. He has the potential to be a big part of our D. His sideline to sideline speed and coverage abilities will be an asset. With the addition of free agent Robert Thomas and a healthy Sam Williams it will be a very healthy competition to get on the playing field.

3:47 PM  

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