Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Raiders Fantasy Squad

Just for fun, especially with the 2006 regular season 5 long months away, I decided to construct my version of a Raiders fantasy team aka “Calico Jack’s Silver & Black All-Stars”.

There were many difficult choices in selecting the players for each position group. I took the liberty of going to a 3 WR set on offense (no fullback) and a 4-3 alignment on defense (although the Raiders won their Super Bowls playing in a 3-4 alignment).

Some of the more difficult “cuts” on offense were Jim Plunkett (QB), Mark Van Eeghen (RB), Todd Christensen (TE), Don Mosebar (center), and Lincoln Kennedy (OT). On defense I struggled with leaving Willie Brown (CB), Terry McDaniel (CB), Greg Biekert (LB), Otis Sistrunk (DE/DT), and Ben Davidson (DE) off the squad.

Hopefully my fantasy Raiders team listed below will spark some joyous Raiders memories for you. Let the debate amongst the Raider Nation begin. Your comments and viewpoints are welcome!

Guards - #63 Gene Upshaw (HOF, 1967-1981); #76 Steve Wisniewski (1989-2001)

Center - #00 Jim Otto (HOF; 1960-1974)

Tackles - #78 Art Shell (HOF; 1968-1982); #70 Henry Lawrence (1974-1986)

Tight End - #87 Dave Casper (HOF; 1974-1980, 1984)

Receivers - #25 Fred Biletnikoff (HOF; 1965-1978); #21 Cliff Branch (1972-1985); #81 Tim Brown (1988-2003)

Quarterback - #12 Ken Stabler (1970-1979)

Running Back - #32 Marcus Allen (HOF; 1982-1992)

Tackles – #75 Howie Long (HOF; 1981-1993); #62 Reggie Kinlaw (1979-1984)

Ends - #72 John Matuszak (1976-1982); #93 Greg Townsend (1983-1993)

Linebackers – #83 Ted Hendricks (HOF; 1975-1983); #53 Rod Martin (1977-1988)
#55 Matt Millen (1980-1988)

Cornerbacks - #22 Mike Haynes (HOF; 1983-1989); #37 Lester Hayes (1977-1986)

Safeties - #32 Jack Tatum (1971-1979); #26 Vann McElroy (1982-1990)

Kicker - Chris Bahr #10 (1980-1988)

Punter - Ray Guy #8 (1973-1986)

Head Coach – John Madden (HOF; 1969-1978)

I bleed Silver & Black,

Calico Jack


Anonymous Bo_Knows said...

Wow, I like the Marcus Pick, but not putting Bo on there is a hard choice. Though he was never the supreme king of the league like Marcus was, he had the Talent and Potential to easilly be the greatest RB ever.

Also, The Entire Hells Angels should be the line, Davidson is only part of that rich tradition of murder and malice....

7:29 AM  
Anonymous Night Crawler said...

Great choices. Have you noticed that almost everyone on that list is either in the Hall of Fame or deserves serious consideration? What other franchise can say that?

On your choices, I'd take Lincoln Kennedy over Henry Lawrence; all the rest of the choices are perfect, though, I think Rich Gannon deserves consideration.

8:06 AM  
Anonymous insider said...

Great choices but what will Upshaw do to team chemistry?

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Stick'Em said...

CJ: While there simply are too many great Raiders to narrow it down to one definitive team, my thoughts echo yours in most spots.

Things to consider:

Kicker - George Blanda: HOFer; clutch time kicking won him the NFL MVP Award in '70.

Tackle - Bob Brown: a HOFer who proclaimed his Raiderhood at his induction speech after playing for the Raiders and two other NFL teams.

RB - Bo Jackson: other than Jim Brown, I can think of no other RB in NFL history who simply looked like he was a man playing amongst boys as Bo did.

WR - Warren Wells: In an abbreviated career, he put up numbers no one has matched; he is the perfect fantasy WR.

DBs - George "Hit Man" Atkinson, Willie Brown, and Dr. Death" Skip Thomas buried 'em alive in the secondary

4:34 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Stick'Em: I love the way you categorized your all time team; Favorite Raider, Most Valuable Raider, and Best Raider. (Readers should go to Stick em's post).

Thanks for sending the Soul Patrol Video. I got goose-bumps watching The Assasin, Hitman, Dr. Death, and Old Man Willie Brown. Good stuff!

BTW, the reason I left Bob Brown and Bo Jackson off the squad was primarily because I wanted to factor in performance with how long each player suited up for the Raiders.

9:13 PM  

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