Monday, December 12, 2005

Raiders Hit Rock Bottom

The Raiders have truly hit rock bottom. The 26-10 loss to the Jets was an exercise in futility. The execution in all 3 phases of the game was worse than what you would expect in an early pre-season game. Instead of Tui providing a lift to the Silver & Black’s struggling offense, the same problems cropped up that have sunk the Raiders ship throughout the 2005 season.

13 PENALTIES FOR 88 YARDS; How does a team of high-paid, professional athletes who have been working together since July 30th commit 13 penalties in December? Totally inexcusable.

TUI SACKED 6 TIMES; The lack of pass protection over the past few weeks is a major concern especially considering the fact that Tui is a very mobile QB. LT Sims allowed RE Abrahms free reign on Tui on back to back series in the 3rd quarter resulting in 2 fumbles. Do the Raiders need to target a free agent tackle for the 2006 season? Should Langston Walker be given a shot to start at RT with Robert Gallery switching over to the left side?

4 TURNOVERS; 2 interceptions + 2 fumbles = 10 Jets points. The Raiders continued to shoot themselves in the foot against the Jets by turning the ball over.

DROPPED PASSES; At a critical stage of the game, WR Whitted dropped a pass in the end zone that hit him right in the chest. It looked like he was too pre-occupied with the DB interfering with him instead of focusing on making the play.

LACKLUSTER RUNNING GAME; Once again, Tuner gave up on the running game too early. At the half, the Raiders were only down 6-3. You would logically think that the Raiders coaching staff would be committed to the run when facing the 29th best rush defense in the league and with a newly installed QB. How is it possible that RB Jordan only gets a total of 14 carries for 49 yards? In the Raiders 4 wins this season, RB Jordan had at least 23+ carries. Is this so difficult to figure out?

POOR COACHING; How do you allow QB Bollinger to set a Jets QB rushing record of 56 yards on 6 carries? After his 1st two scrambles resulted in 3rd down conversions, shouldn’t a light bulb go off in Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan’s head that says “Let’s make an adjustment and use a spy to keep an eye on Bollinger”. When WR Porter scored a 4th quarter TD to close the gap to 19-9, why wouldn’t Turner go for a 2 point conversion? What difference does it make if you are down 9 points with a made extra point or down 10 points with a missed 2 point conversion? If the Raiders go for 2 points and convert it, they would be down only 8. This is puzzling and annoying to me that a coach who makes over $1M a year can’t do this simple arithmetic.

SPECIAL TEAMS INEPTITUDE; P Lechler had his 3rd straight poor performance netting only 36.3 yards. K Janikowski hooked a 29 yard FG attempt that would have tied the game at 6-6 in the 3rd quarter.

This loss to the Jets was demoralizing. The team looks like it is regressing. The coaching staff seems incapable of play-calling, adjustments, and inspiring the personnel. The players need to focus on executing their assignments, winning the one-on-one battles, and most importantly, playing for each other. Like most die-hard Raider fans, I can handle the losses. However under no uncertain terms will I accept excuses for this undisciplined, poor play or any lack of commitment. I will keep drinking the Silver & Black kool-aid and hope that the team’s pride kicks into over-drive.

Silver & Black Forever,

Calico Jack


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