Thursday, December 08, 2005

Grab a Clipboard Kerry - It's Tui Time!

“You know, I’m not happy about it. I feel like this is my team; I feel like I give us the best chance to win Sunday.” Kerry Collins

Let’s break this quote down folks.
“You know, I’m not happy about it. - Sorry Kerry about Norv handing you the pink slip. I also sympathize with you about missing out on a big paycheck in the 2006 season. However, we are delighted to be freeing up $12M in cap space for next year!

“I feel like this is my team” - Yes, you are a member of the Silver & Black but if this was your team you should have demonstrated some shred of leadership skills when it truly matters, game time. This is one of the mandatory job requirements that you don’t posses.

“I feel like I give us the best chance to win Sunday” - Excuse me? Your record as the starting QB is 7-18. Your winning percentage is 28%.

Although 5th year back-up Marques Tuiasosopo might be shaking off some serious rust this Sunday vs. the Jets, the move to demote Kerry Collins was a breath of fresh air. Tui has been a model employee of the Silver & Black. He has been patiently awaiting the opportunity to show-case his skills. Tui might not be the proto-typical, strong armed QB that Mr. Davis relishes but he has the ability to win. In his senior year at University of Washington he led the Huskies to 8 come from behind victories. Tui seems to be in the same mold as his mentor, Rich Gannon. Both QB’s weren’t noted for throwing a good deep ball but were able to use their legs & athletic ability to make plays. Instead of having a stationary target for the pass rush to zero in on, Tui will be able to improvise, scramble, and buy a few extra precious seconds to find an open receiver. Who will benefit the most on ‘busted’ plays? None other than WR Moss. Moss has never been noted for running precise routes or timing based patterns but he really shined in Minnesota whenever Culpepper was able to improvise. If a play breaks down, Tui should be able to hook up with Moss to make some big plays. Collins’ lack of escape-ability in the face of a pass rush caused him to make too many negative plays.

If nothing else, the last 4 games of the year will determine what direction the organization will go in terms of the most important position on the field, the QB. Tui’s audition starts on Sunday. My best guess is that he won’t be totally sharp in his first outing but that he will bring a new found energy and purpose to the offense. I hate to say this but I’m looking forward to seeing Collins with the headset & clipboard. He seems like a decent guy but unfortunately he just isn’t a winner.

I bleed Silver & Black,

Calico Jack


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