Monday, December 05, 2005

Bye-Bye Norv & Kerry

Post-game Observations

The Norv Turner & Kerry Collins era is officially over. Neither man has the pre-requisite leadership skills to lead this team now or in the 2006 season. Norv’s puzzled expressions and Kerry’s glassy-eyed, hollow looks doesn’t exactly breed confidence. In this 34-10 dismantling by the San Diego Chargers, it was painfully clear that Mr. Davis needs to start thinking about the necessary changes for the head coaching post & QB position for 2006. At 4-8, with 4 games left in the season, it is time to find out if QB Tui or Walters are going to be legitimate candidates to compete for the #1 spot next year or if the Raiders will need to sign a free agent or make a trade (Culpepper? Rivers?)

Why is it so rare in the NFL for a head coach to make an in game change at QB? When Collins was slumping at the mid point of the 3rd quarter, why not bring in Tui or Walters to provide a spark? I didn’t have a problem with Collins starting the game but as the game got out of reach, it seemed prudent to give your #2 QB or #3 QB some meaningful live snaps. In baseball if your starting pitcher is getting shelled and doesn’t have his best stuff, the manager doesn’t think twice about bringing in another arm. If your starting QB isn’t getting the job done, get him out. Create some healthy competition. Alternate every few series if necessary.

In today’s NFL, a QB needs to be either mobile or have an innate pocket awareness to be successful. Collins’ inability to improvise, make plays with his legs or his head means it a losing proposition every time the protection breaks down.

With CB Jammer giving WR Moss a 7-10 yard cushion on almost every play, why is it so difficult for Turner or Collins to read this coverage and take the short completion? Keep making this 7+ yard gain until CB Jammer makes an adjustment. It’s simple. Run this short pass play every single down until it is taken away. This became so painfully obvious that even the TV commentators were blabbering on and on about it. As a point of strategy and play-calling, is there something wrong with moving the chains, gaining big chunks of yards, creating a rhythm, and winning an edge in time of possession?

Bright spots: DT #90 Terdell Sands performance was an awakening. Two plays highlighted his combination of power, speed, and agility; his sack of QB Brees and his chasing tackle of LT behind the line of scrimmage. I was pleased that the Raiders held LT to 86 yards on 25 carries and didn’t commit a single penalty. Rookie LB Morrison was very active with 11 solo tackles.

Silver & Black Forever,

Calico Jack


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Just when I get the pic for the old site you go and move on me. Nice new format and as always good comments. Prediction: New Raider head coach -- Rick Neuhisel. Why? 1) Big Al doesn't mind a little bending of the rules. 2) Same thinning blond hair to remind fans of past unnamed coach. J

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